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Tasmania Day 1&2
We departed on 19th May at 2100 and arrived at Melbourne at 0620. Alighting the plane, we actually thought that the temperature was pretty alright, until we tried standing at the entrance of the airport... So cold omg. Next was an extremely long wait for everyone since we were supposed to depart Melbourne to Launceston. The flight was 1130 and we had no choice but to linger around the airport looking for things to do. Obviously there was nothing much except sitting on the row of chairs near the entrance, sniffing the exhaust from the vehicles parked outside. Our painful five hours was spent napping at random places, dragging our luggage around and exploring souvenir shops. Along the way we decided to grab a bite at Hungry Jack's. I thought it resembled Burger King, then I researched and found out that Hungry Jack's is the fast food franchise of Burger King Corporation HAHA!

So we arrived at Launceston at around 1235, collected our rental car and GPS from Hertz Car Rental and made our way to Trevallyn House. The whole day was basically wasted from flying around and it was close to the winter season so the day was really short. :( We drove over to the nearby supermarket for some groceries and back 'home'. That marked the end of our Day 1.

Taken in the morning on day 2. The kitchen was well equipped with an induction cooker, kettle, microwave oven, and utensils. There was a fridge even, with fresh milk stored inside.

B&BThis was how our 2-bedroom cottage looked like inside. Electric blankets and heater were all in place as well. 
Port Wine
Chocolates and port wine kindly provided by the owners. :)
Porch Barbeque
The outdoor porch. Barbeque for dinner anyone?
The red brick house right next to our cottage is where the owners live. Beautiful isn't it? Just conveniently drop by if you need any thing at any point in time! That's also where we had our breakfast in the morning, really really cosy!
The beautifully set dining room was a wonderful place to arrive at in the cold morning. :')
Raspberry Jam
Vegemite, honey and raspberry jam.
Cereals with fresh milk for the health conscious.
Fresh Toast
Mixture of freshly sliced toasts.
Forget what the name of this is but it's basically potato wedges on a muffin heehee!
Saffron infused Scrambled eggs with Smoked Salmon. This was my favourite yums! 
Mediterranean Breakfast.

Eggs Florentine.

Asparagus wrapped in proscuitto with poached egg in hollandaise sauce. 
It was overall a pleasant and lovely stay at Trevallyn House. Spacious and cosy cottage, well equipped with all we need, great view overlooking the Tamar River, hospitable owners and fabulous breakfast. What more can we ask for? :D
After a hearty breakfast, we drove up to Stanley, stopping by places on our way. Our first stop was the Salmon and Ginseng Farm.
Salmon and ginseng farm
Salmon and ginseng farm
Becky staring at a dead salmon in the pond. Yes that's a name given by us heehee! Anyway Becky seemed really hungry, it even ate the fish food that fell to the ground when we were feeding the salmons. Felt sorry for it but my friend told me dogs just eat anything in sight. So Becky was just greedy la...
Salmon and ginseng farm
Autumn leaves in sight.
Man made waterfall
Man made waterfall.

My mum commented that these sort of chickens taste really delicious.
My sister captured this photo when Becky was running towards us. She was such a dear, followed us into the wetlands and then took the lead to bring us around, though she abandoned us halfway on the way back. We later suspected she followed us because of the fish food. Practical doggy eh? 
Salmon and ginseng farm
41° South Tasmania basically features the salmon farm and ginseng nursery(though I can't remember why I didn't manage to spot any ginseng). It's a tourist attraction so be expected to see lots of wetlands! They offer free tastings as well and it's mentioned on the website that they actually have a small café where you can have light lunches. Or else you can opt for the self-guided tour, which cost $25 per family. Driving from Launceston or Devonport to the farm will take about 45 minutes.
41° South Tasmania
323 Montana Road (C164)
Deloraine / Red Hills
TAS 7304
We had a little talk with the owner and he suggested visiting the raspberry farm on our drive up. It wasn't opened to the public though, so we decided to just have some of the desserts at the café.
Menu for the day.
Sticky date pudding
Raspberry & Sticky Date Pudding.
Raspberry Cheesecake. 
The café has every product to do with raspberry put up on sale, from desserts to freshly plucked raspberry itself and of course, raspberry jam. The desserts weren't the most pocket friendly, but definitely comforting to the tummy after a long walk in the cold!
Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm Café
9 Christmas Hills Rd
Elizabeth Town
Tasmania, 7304
We decided to skip the chocolate factory and visit the cheese shop instead due to time constraint plus the fact that all of us are not exactly die hard chocolate fans.
Entrance to cheese shop.
Butterflies specimens.
Had your 3 serves today?
The cheese shop is just like a bigger version of the cheese section in any supermarket I guess. Milk was going cheap though! The most interesting thing is perhaps there are many cows(fake ones of course)with different designs outside the shop and you can camwhore with them. Travel time from Devonport is 25 minutes and 45 minutes from Launceston.
Ashgrove Cheese 
6173 Bass Highway
Elizabeth Town
Tasmania 7304
We drove further up and stopped by Penguin Town for a bite. It's a rather cute and friendly town, with penguin mannequins all over and folks greeting us along the way.
Hi penguin! Are you Mascot of this town?

The town has a very scenic view as well. I heard that if you're lucky you might be able to see little penguins waddling up the beach.
Chicken pie
Chicken pie at an old school neighbourhood café. :)
We reached Stanley just as the sun was about to set and checked in to our cottage before heading out for dinner.
Toy houses
Don't they look like rows of toy houses? 
Pol and pen
The spacious living room.
Pol and pen
Dining area well equipped with heaters.
Pol and pen
The 2-room cottage had another room with one single bed and one double decker bed. Super spacious and cosy cottage I just fell in love with it instantly!
We then headed out for dinner at the Cascades Restaurant located inside Stanley Hotel. The food was simply fantastic and definitely one of the best meals we had during our stay in Aussie. Perhaps this explains why Cascades Restaurant has won so many awards of excellence!
Stanley Hotel
With a bar at the front.
Breaded scallops
Deep fried breaded scallops.  
Beef cheek
Beef cheek.
Seafood platter
Mixed seafood platter(Grilled Salmon, Dory, Calamari, Smoked Salmon, Octopus and Oysters).
Rib eye.(According to my sister, it's the best steak she has ever eaten in her entire life!)
Food was rather pricey but worth it nevertheless! The portions were also pretty big, 4 sets were enough to feed all 5 of us! :)
Furnace burning wood
Back at our cosy cottage for a cup of hot chocolate before preparing for a good night's rest!

















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