Friday, 25 April 2014

Tasmania Day 4
Day 4 started with a hearty breakfast to fuel us up for the tedious climb later on!

Raw tomatoes! They come by the bunches, so pretty!
Double egg yolks
Double yolks in a single egg! o_O
Breakky! We were getting a little sick of western food, so that explains the instant noodles haha! Normal Maggie that comes in their packets but taste wise, not as good as those found in Singapore. :(
And sausages in Aussie are really really cheap!
Ice Flakes
The entire car was covered in ice flakes like this and we had to pour bowls of water over the car before starting it up! That was how freaking cold it was up there.
Cabin in the woods
Pathway leading to our cottage. Looks just like a secret cabin in some mystical fairytale, probably a witch living in it haha!
On our drive up to Dove Lake.
Starting point
Starting point. Time for our climb up Cradle Mountain!
Dove Lake
Dove Lake
Dove Lake.
The view was really breathtaking, it's like standing in front of a gigantic HD wallpaper, only better of course.
Crow on car
Huge crow that scared the life out of everyone. It's the biggest crow I've ever seen in my entire life.
Sheffield Town
Next stop was Town of Sheffield for lunch. But first, let's grab some fudge!
Sheffield Town
I thought that this concept was pretty cool, you can enjoy delicious fudge made in Tasmania anytime, anywhere now!
Sheffield Town
Sheffield Town
Grabbed a slab of cookies and cream! Yums!
Art Gallery
Nice graffiti.
Clear blue sky
Clear blue sky!
Moo Choo
Chanced upon this cute restaurant with black and white cow prints all over called Moo Choo!
Decided to settle for lunch at this random restaurant.  
Lamb Burger
Lamb Burger.
Salmon Sandwich
Salmon Sandwich.
Food was not bad and portion big as well, just right to feed 5 very hungry people.
Motor Inn
Motor Inn just right beside.
This marks the end of our activities for the day.
Homecooked Dinner
Back at Trevallyn's House for the night! Homecooked dinner with salt and oil, this time with pepper as well haha!
Front porch
Our cottage's front porch in the night.
Front Porch
Could do with a rest here with a glass of port wine, soaking up the romantic ambience! :)
Good night!

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