Saturday, 26 July 2014

A summary of my week!

Went to the Mint Museum of Toys for the second time in my life last Saturday. It was quite nostalgic since the first time I visited the toy museum was on my 20th birthday with the BFF! This time round it was for a volunteering event - PAYM Loves Red. It was an excursion-like event where parents accompany their kids on a learning tour to the Mint Museum of Toys and the National Museum. We were there to help out by taking care of the kids.
toy museum bugis
Shelves and shelves of toy collections that dated a long way back.
These collections include famous characters like Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Bruce Lee, Popeye and Tin Tin etc. Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh were actually quite ugly in their earlier years, before modifications.
mickey mouse debut
Image taken from
Mickey Mouse used to look like this exactly.
winnie the pooh debut
Image taken from
Couldn't find a real toy of Winnie the Pooh in its early days. But it looked like those imitation Disney Poohs you see in the shop for $10, the face abit distorted those kind lol.  
kids national museum
 This was at the National Museum's playhouse.
It was quite amusing to see the kids playing. They were actually cooking plastic vegetables, fish and drumstick all in one wok! They will say "Mummy what do you want to eat?", then they will bring a plate full of plastic food to their parents heehee!
kids national museum
Kids are full of curiosity!
kids national museum
He knew I was taking a photo of him and was posing with his hand puppets!
paym volunteers
 Bunch of people with big hearts! :)
It's really fun and meaningful helping out and hanging out with the kids! If you are a person who loves kids and volunteering, do try it out someday and show your support for the less privileged in the community!
poulet roast chicken
Had Poulet @ Westgate for lunch with Jojo and Clem on Sunday!
This was the whole roasted chicken paired with fragrant coconut sauce.
poulet sauteed mushroom poached egg
Sautéed button mushrooms. This was not bad, and it has a very cute poached egg on top! :D
waffle ice cream
Went for waffle ice cream at Gelato Italiano Gelateria Italia before catching The Fault In Our Stars. I pretty much like the movie since it was a meaningful one. It's about two cancer patients who fell in love but the guy passed away in the end. :'(
noodles with egg and luncheon meat soup
This was 2 days later, late night dinner @ Xin Wang Hong Kong Café with Clem. He was addicted to the soup ever since he had it one day right after a drinking session. Weird combination! This was the first time I came here after 10284038394038430843 years because I had always thought that the food here were awful. With the exception of the peanut butter condensed milk thick toast of course! :D But I think standards have really improved over the years! It was not that bad after all!
peanut butter condensed milk thick toast
When this was brought in front of me I was like O_O. The toast was literally THICK toast! It's more like half a loaf of bread. But it was sooooo good I was giggling to myself with every bite because I felt so so happy and satisfied! No, Clem didn't think I was crazy because he already knew me for years fortunately. :D Then he asked if I would mind if my future boyfriend brought me here for our anniversary. I told him why not! Seriously why not!! I will be very happy and eat 100 plates of toasts heehee! :D
ice cookies and cream latte
TGIF! Found a place at TCC Finlayson Green for lunch after an interview at Raffles Place.
This was their new Iced Cookies and Cream latte.
smoked salmon sandwich
Smoked salmon sandwich.
Food and drinks were very average and quite pricey. But the awesome service made up for everything! :D
 Then walked over next door to Finlayson Green Building for another 3 hours of interview!
laksa curry chicken rice
Met the BFF for dinner at 313@Somerset's Toastbox in the night. We decided to have something cheap since we both had an expensive lunch earlier.
Felt that my day got much better after meeting her. :') I had a terrible Friday morning. I was extremely disappointed that there still exist people who discriminate others and outrightly humiliate them like they have no pride at all. I met the most terrible interviewer in my life who never focused on any of my strengths but kept picking on a one time failure throughout the whole interview. I totally had no idea that A Level results are everything to a person's personality and working capability. And I also had no idea that employers nowadays only look at your A Level results and nothing else. Not how and what you did during your university years, not even your working experiences. No I seriously had no idea and still don't understand it up to today even though it was just yesterday. Why did they call me up for an interview if they were so unpleased with my resume? But then again, it made complete sense after they realized I wasn't applying for the position that they were offering. One hour later.
The night before, I realized I needed a hardcopy photograph for their application form. I rushed all the way down to Fujifilm, praying hard that the shop will still be opened, got my photos printed out. Then rushed home to photocopy all of my certs and transcripts and complete the application form(I even wrote twice because I thought my answer for a particular section wasn't good enough). It's really saddening when you view the interview so seriously but they don't even bother to read your email or cover letter. And then treat you like dirt when you appear there. It was so bad I had to drag my feet out of the office feeling all demoralized.
However I wouldn't take it as a complete waste of time. It was a lesson learnt and an interview experience after all. There are blacksheeps around, but it is not a wise idea to judge people based on their schools. I take my every single job seriously, I learn what I can to lessen the burdens of my team mates, every one of the 7 jobs I have taken up have extremely stressful moments but I have never once thrown it aside and ran away from them, I can even work up to 2am to complete my job. I don't think I deserve such attitude and meaningless mean assumptions about my personality and working ethics.
What I would like to say is finding a job can be easy, but finding a right job is no easy feat for sure. Never discount yourself because only you know the best what you can and will do. Prestigious firms look nice on your resume, but if it doesn't value you as a human being from the first contact, who will even have the enthusiasm to slog hard for them?
And the conclusion is. We just have to learn to be very thick skinned and have selective hearing in the workforce when we meet such people. Like really thick. At least 10 metres. Then listen to their words through your left ear and let it out through your right.
peanut butter thick toast
Abrupt continuation, but we had peanut butter thick toast at Toast Box as well!
shrimp dumpling noodles stewed beef noodles peanut butter thick toast
And this was today's dinner @ Wan Chai Hongkong Café during my one hour work break.
Did you spot the peanut butter thick toast??? :D
I have an addiction for peanut butter thick toast recently, but no toasts can be compared to Xin Wang's! I love the creamy and overflowing peanut butter with the condensed milk plus the very very thick toast!
So yummy I'm craving for it now. >.<


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