Thursday, 17 July 2014

After a one hour interview at Bugis, I decided to rest my sore feet and grab a light lunch at Paris Baguette before meeting CY.
chicken salad
Decided on the ready packed chicken salad displayed by the counter. It was only SGD 8.50, portion was pretty huge with a generous serving of chicken. It was yummy but not sure how healthy this is since the chicken was fried...
So I went Dhoby Ghaut after my lunch and thankfully CY had a pair of slippers in his car which he lent it to me. Thank goodness it was a big big relief for my bleeding feet! :') But this stupid guy just had to keep laughing at me. WHY. Never see people wear business attire with slippers before is it. Then we went to the customer service shop at The Central to repair his newly bid Xiaomi phone. Just like he never see people wearing business attire with slippers before, I have also never seen someone so unlucky to bid so hard for a spoilt phone lolol. And just next to us we overheard this customer service officer telling an old man "Uncle, next time if you never on wifi don't watch too much Xinmsn, it's really very expensive" in Chinese LOL.
Met up with the clique for dinner at Chomp Chomp the next day after a game of L4D with the uni mates.
singapore hawker fare

Haven't had local hawker food for such a long time! So yums! :D
Welcome back Tham! Haven't seen this girl for close to 2 months, glad she's back safely after all that happened in the US! :)
matcha latte bailey's chocolate red wine
Matcha latte, Chocolate with baileys and red wine.
waffle ice cream chocolate lava cake
This is my second time at Wimbly Lu. Waffle with double scoop ice cream(rum & raisin and salted caramel) @ SGD 11.50 and molten lava cake @ SGD 6. The waffle didn't taste as nice as the first time but the molten lava cake was really good!
clique meetup
Clique photo number one.
Poor YC was forced to get out of his seat cos he was blocking LTT lolol.
clique meetup
 Clique photo number two.
chill red wine
Blogging has allowed me to look back and reminisce so many happy moments and reminded me to count my blessings at all times.
Life is good.

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