Monday, 21 July 2014

Bliss... This is how it feels like...

It's past midnight now and I can't get to sleep. I'm having just so many thoughts on my mind, not bad ones though. I've been having good thoughts in fact, simply too many good thoughts. I admit sometimes I do think negatively, and much as I would like to shake off these negative feelings, I can't. But lately I've been thinking about how blessed I am.

I wasn't born wealthy, I wasn't born with very good health, nor was I born with great confidence and a positive mindset. I didn't have a smooth sailing life, on the contrary, I met with many problems while struggling through my 22 years of life.(I didn't believe, and still don't, that no one person out there have not experienced something that cripples him or her.) But I can't express how blessed and fortunate I feel right at this point of my life. 

I'm grateful I wasn't born wealthy, and hence I'm able to experience the satisfaction of having dreams and goals in life. I'm grateful to my parents for providing me with an education as I know there are many people out there who take up loans to pay off their education debts on top of the huge sum of interests. I'm grateful for being able to go on a grad trip for there are people who never have the opportunity to travel abroad. I'm grateful for all the job opportunities that come when I never dreamt I was going to get any. I'm grateful for all the problems I've faced in life, so that I now understand how it feels like to cry, how I've grown and matured, and how precious laughters and smiles are. I'm grateful for having poor health, so I understand how to appreciate even just one night of good rest. I'm grateful for all my great people out there who have treated me so well. For understanding and supporting me wanting to live more independently as a human being, for rushing to my side at my saddest moments, for taking care of me like a younger sister, for giving me great advices, for opening doors to careers for me, for coming down for no reason just to cheer me up whenever and wherever I'm working at, and most importantly, for treating me with sincerity and honesty. I know, and have always known that all of you are not obliged to do any of these but you guys still did, to make my life alot better. 

I tell myself to always repay and appreciate, not just by treating these precious people sincerely, but also to strangers as well. At the same time I pray and hope these people so dear to me will always be happy, healthy and safe. :)

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