Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Hobart Day 5 (Part 2)

We had some spare time and decided to make our way to Bonorong Park.
wildlife centre
First part of the tour around the wildlife park was the Koalas! Look at how fat it is! According to the lady, Koalas spend most of their day eating and sleeping on the same tree. And we got to stroke the Koala on the back, felt quite solid actually! On a side note, stuffed Koala toys actually look cuter than the real ones don't they? :x

tasmanian devil
 Tasmanian devils gnawing on a wallaby's limb. Small but destructive.
 Typical Wombat. Looks cute although it's supposedly very destructive as well.
Having a feel of the Wombat.
 Next was our favourite activity, interacting with the wallabies!
 We bought food from the wildlife park and fed the wallabies, they are so tame and will totally nibble the pellets from our hands!
baby wallaby in pouch
Look at the baby peeking out from the mummy's pouch! The baby wasn't very small sized to begin with. It made several attempts to stuff itself into the pouch only to fall out time and again. :p
albino wallaby
 Albino wallaby? It was caged up all by itself, poor little thing!  
 Big birds!
And beautiful love birds which stuck together all day long!
Bonorong Wildlife Park was indeed an eye opener for me. After all how often do we get to interact with wild animals? And the money earned are used to fund the animals, making sure they have a clean and safe place to live in and to save the injured wallabies that are knocked down by vehicles. :( So if you have the time it's worthwhile to visit this place!
Sunset view from the balcony of Bay View Villas, our accommodation in Hobart!
master bedroom
Master Bedroom.
twin bedroom
Twin Room.
living room
Living and dining room.
& off to rest for the day!

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