Thursday, 17 July 2014

Melbourne Day 10

Day 10 marked the end of our tour in Aussie, and the last time we got to taste the food here. So it was a good breakfast for us at The Hardware Société!
melbourne best cafe
 Look at the crowd, do I need to say anything more?
melbourne best cafe
Shop interior.
melbourne best cafe
Row of pastries.
melbourne best cafe
You can choose a romantic corner for two.
melbourne best cafe
Or take the round table if you don't mind eating with strangers!
homemade jam
Different types of homemade jams.
melbourne best cafe
Homemade products.
melbourne best cafe
 The service was awesome, staffs were bubbly and enthusiastic, especially the guy in stripes! :D
floral tea cup
Floral cup with matching saucer.
tea cosy
Tea pot that came with a cute tea cosy!! I am never a fan of tea but I fell in love with it at first sip lol! Best tea ever in my life.
floral tea set
Enough for two to share.
flat white
Flat white.
banana loaf
Banana loaf.
scramble egg with trout
Scramble eggs with trout. My personal favourite!
baked eggs
Signature baked eggs.
Two words to end off my post.

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