Friday, 11 July 2014

Melbourne Day 7

Touched down Melbourne around afternoon, and decided to explore around Queen Victoria Market.
bbq meat
 But first, we had to grab some lunch for our rumbling tummies! We explored this interesting market place with lots and lots of different food and came back with...
meat skewers
Meat with salad and some bread.
Queen victoria market
Mussels in white wine topped with bread.
Paella and a hugeass bread with soup in it!
living room
Went back to the hotel for a rest after lunch. The living room was large enough to place a king sized sofa bed!
twin room
Twin bedroom.
Queen victoria market
After dinner, we had grapes given to us free by one of the sellers in the market when we bought groceries. These grapes don't taste like the ones we normally have, they are more fragrant and taste a little like wine!
Queen victoria market
Dessert wine bought from Victoria Market. It was so good we bought few bottles back.
And that was all for simple Day 7! :)

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