Monday, 14 July 2014

Melbourne Day 8 

We signed up for the Great Ocean Road Day Tour on day 8, by Go West!. The tour guide, also our driver for the day, picked us up at our Hotel. There were many tourists who signed up for the tour as well, including people from India, San Francisco etc. We met a Singaporean couple coincidentally as well! The guide was very friendly and humorous, interacting with all the participants of the day and cracking jokes despite the early morning. He really did brighten our day! Our first stop was the famous Bells Beach. Get ready your cameras during the bus ride for scenic views along the coastal route!
great ocean road
 This was our cosy bus. The guide reminded us to put on our safety belts at all times.
go west tours
Bells Beach.
At this station, a light breakfast was provided. Consisted of hot beverages and a few different types of cakes. Very thoughtful indeed! We were given some time to wander around and explore the light house at the top of the hill if we wanted to. Strolling in the cold with a cup of hot chocolate, now that's life! :)
go west tours
  A close up shot of the light house.
go west tours
Next up was a guided eco tour in the Great Otway National Park's cool temperate rainforest. I would say that this part of the tour didn't really interest me as I did not know how to appreciate the beauty of trees, ferns, fungi etc. Unless there were toadstools and fairies around lolol.
black otway snail
This was the Black Otway Snail. We were lucky to be able to spot one!
go west tour
go west tours
Memorial Arch. The guide was kind enough to help each and every group take a photo!
Stopped by the ocean for some photos.
go west tours
Koalas spotted on the trees. The guide played a song on a Koala's POV by Don Spencer. It went like this "Please don't call me a Koala bear, cos I'm not a bear at all...", it was so cute! :D
go west tours
Ducks and peacocks spotted!
We had café lunch prepared by Go West!, they provide vegetarian meals as well so fret not for those who don't take meat! After that we headed to a famous ice cream shop (Dooley's Ice Cream) nearby recommended by the guide. These were the awards they got. :O
Variety was plentiful. And the owner was an amiable old man, he looks like Mr Santa! :D 
Chocolate flavor was very rich. The other flavor was good as well.
We then headed to Port Campbell National Park for the Twelve Apostles. It's so amazing and such a beauty! I shall let the photos do the words!
Explanation of how the Twelve Apostles were formed.
Loch Ard Gorge. We were given some time to take photos here as well! 

There were 2 stories told to us in parts during the bus journey, the most famous shipwreck and London Bridge's collapse in the summer of 1990. The guide ended off the last part of the story overlooking the mesmerizing sunset.
 We then headed back to the city, stopping by a small café for dinner/snacks at our own expenses. I can see why Go West! has such excellent reviews. The tour guide was rather knowledgeable and experienced. In fact he's quite versatile as well, you can trust him to explain, talk and joke while driving at the same time. It was a long distance to and fro Melbourne City to the Great Ocean Road, and to make it a day tour, I suppose it is necessary for the guide to drive fast. But we had never once felt our lives were being threatened lol and he could even break the bus in time to avoid going over an animal in the middle of the road, that's how skillful (and kindhearted) he was! So I will urge you to go sign up for the tour if you have a few days to spare in Melbourne! :D


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