Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Melbourne Day 9

Food in Aussie is really great, but after 8 days of western food we were craving for something different, something Chinese to be specific. So we decided to head over to Chinatown for a different experience and at the same time satisfy our cravings. :D 
Chinese culture
 Traditional Chinese decorations along the streets of Chinatown.
melbourne chinatown
After some research by the sister we decided to settle our lunch at Shanghai Village Chinese Restaurant.
melbourne chinatown
Level 1 of the restaurant, quite a huge number of Aussies patronize this restaurant apparently.
melbourne chinatown
Level 2, where there were much lesser customers.
melbourne chinatown
Their menu.
melbourne chinatown
Stir fry vegetables with mushrooms.
melbourne chinatown
Chicken with wine.
melbourne chinatown
Braised duck.
melbourne chinatown
Sweet and sour fish.
melbourne chinatown
Steamed dumplings.
melbourne chinatown
Deep fried dumplings.
Overall I would say that the food was only okay. The meat looked and tasted like overnight, dry and stiff. I would recommend the sweet and sour fish and the dumplings though. Service was fine, the lady boss is a Chinese and can speak fluent Cantonese.
melbourne chinatown
Left Chinatown and walked around nearby.
australia tour
Pretty beds of flowers everywhere we go! :)
australia tour
They have fancy carriages with horses along the streets. They would take you around if you are willing to pay a fee for the service I think!
melbourne visitor centre
Then we made our way to Melbourne Visitor Centre hoping we would discover some interesting places to visit.
performance parade square
We spotted this little parade square nearby, and there was a performance going on. Pretty hilarious and lighthearted, I really love the culture over there! :)
castle like
Strolled around further and saw many buildings that look like grand castles!
melbourne street
Haigh's chocolates.
melbourne street
More chocolates that were great for gifts!
melbourne street
 Back to Queen Victoria Market for some groceries shopping.
seafood melbourne
Fresh seafood. My first time seeing sea urchins being sold in a wet market!
fish melbourne
Fishes. We love their salmon!!
meat melbourne
Pork ribs are so good!
vegetables melbourne
Veg going cheap!
apples melbourne
& a variety of apples.
wet market melbourne
animals sourvenirs melbourne
Souvenir shop in the market.
re wine melbourne
And off to grab a few bottles of wine to bring home!
re wine melbourne
Gigantic bottle of wine, selling in bulk as well. I would recommend the dessert wine and raisin wine! They provide samples so don't forget to try before making your purchases!
florist melbourne
Colours and more colours!
american doughnuts kitchen melbourne
American Doughnut Kitchen with a queue ALWAYS. They make their doughnuts fresh on the spot!
american doughtnuts kitchen
So simple looking yet sooooo good! We queued a second time because this was so addictive, warm with jam on the inside and sugar on the outside!
we love to make coffee for the city that loves to drink it
What's nice doughnuts without coffee?
we love to make coffee for the city that loves to drink it
Freshly brewed coffee.
we love to make coffee for the city that loves to drink it
Market Lane Coffee.
we love to make coffee for the city that loves to drink it
Awww how I love their cafe's slogan!
Considerate reminder. Why don't we have such messages along the streets as well?
australia trip
wishing tree
Someone threw his shoes and a santa hat up into the tree. Probably it's a wishing tree and he wanted to make a wish lolol.

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