Saturday, 12 July 2014

Met TYC for dinner at Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery before catching a movie last Friday! TGIF for him since he just ended work and for me... well, I just had nothing to do and wanted to catch a horror heehee!  
raspberry, banana, mandarin and orange
Mandarin Wilderness - SGD 9
It was made up of raspberry, banana, mandarin and honey. Quite pricey for a drink but I only had this since I wanted to reduce my calories intake. But TYC had to tell me it cannot be made up of pure fruits, they definitely added sugar/syrup. -.- I know I know, deep down in my heart I secretly know but why can't he just let me deceive myself in peace?     
english breakfast
TYC's English Breakfast - SGD 24
Scrambled eggs, back bacon, Cumberland pork sausage, sautéed mushrooms, Dad's baked beans, breakfast potatoes, grilled vine ripened tomato & signature brioche.
I didn't want to touch any of this but TYC insisted I should eat some. His main aim was to get rid of his tomato cos he didn't like it! Met my sister there coincidentally and she fed me some mushrooms and potatoes too heehee! It was really quite yums, love their concept of an all day breakfast!!
brunch pastries
Had Paris Baguette @ JEM for Brunch with the sister and daddy the next morning!
paris baguette singapore
Wasabi Crabmeat Sandwich - SGD 7.50
This was so good! Spicy but very creamy and flavorful! If you want to have a light meal this will be a good choice. Of course it's not real crabmeat, it's crabstick.
paris baguette singapore
 Sweet Bacon Roll - SGD 3.60
Tastes like our famous bah kwa (BBQ pork), there was egg inside too, yums!
paris baguette singapore
Forgot the name for this, but it's some sweet bread with walnut on top. Too sweet for my liking though!
paris baguette singapore
Croissant - SGD 2.50
Just plain croissant, my favourite bread now and foreverrrr~
paris baguette singapore
Royal Milk Pudding (Original) - SGD 4
If you like milk you will like this! Caramel at the bottom really enhances the taste! <3

Caught the movie Deliver Us From Devil with the bff after brunch. It was much better than Hungry Ghost Ritual from the previous day, which was basically a horror turned comedy, there were so many laughter in the cinema I can't even...    

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