Friday, 18 July 2014

Taipei Day 1 & 2

Flew to Taiwan on the 21st of May for my grad trip, just one day after exams ended! Was quite rushed and all but I managed to settle everything, including packing my luggage, in time for my trip! :D
scoot airlines to taiwan
 At Changi Airport waiting to board.
off to taiwan
The bff told me she thought she saw a ghost.
Reached Taipei in the late evening and took a bus over from Taoyuan airport to Taipei Main Station to meet LTT. Day 1 was horrible as it was raining so heavily and so cold I thought it was winter. And I had to drag my 12kg luggage with me everywhere I went, up and down flights of stairs and uneven ground. Worst of all I left my umbrella in my luggage. That was when I started appreciating Singapore, at least our ground and roads are even. At least we won't accidentally trip and fall and die or something.
dumb and dumber poportion
Dumb and dumber. Finally we reached our hostel!
taiwan day 2
Taken in the morning on Day 2.
taiwan day 2
taiwan day 2
Simple breakfast was provided.
taiwan day 2
We stayed at Homey Hostel situated near Taipei Main Station.
taiwan day 2
taiwan day 2
Area for chilling.
taiwan day 2 travel guide
The hostel was very meticulous! They provided little slips of paper in different languages, telling us where to go and what souvenirs to buy in Taipei!
taiwan 7 eleven oden
关东煮(Oden) in 7-eleven! They had spicy and non-spicy broth. We loved this so much we had them almost everyday!  
taipei 101 agnes b cafe
Impromptu trip to Taipei 101. It was quite early and so we took a walk inside the shopping mall. Then we saw Agnes B café!!
taipei 101 agnes b cafe
They had so many pretty cakes! Ya Agnes B sells branded bags but they don't sell branded cakes. They are quite affordably priced!
taipei 101 agnes b cafe
So we got all excited and went in!
taipei 101 agnes b cafe
 Marble cheese cake.
taipei 101 agnes b cafe
Chocolate mousse cake.
Then we conveniently left the place and forgot we were there to see Taipei 101 lololol!
taiwan 7 eleven onigiri
Super love the 7-eleven in Taiwan! They have so many different flavours of onigiri for less than NTD 50 each!
taiwan 7 eleven drinks
Fruit juices and milk tea! <3
taiwan formosa chang lu rou fan braised meat rice
And then we were cheated into entering this shop. Don't get me wrong it weren't the doings of any human beings, it's just that when we crossed the road the other side was under renovation. And there was only one path to walk, we took this one path and TA DAH we ended up in the shop. Very good strategy maybe next time I should open a shop and damage the road in front lol.
Anyway later we found out that this shop is actually Formosa Chang, a chain famous for its 卤肉饭(braised meat rice). We ordered the braised meat rice, shredded chicken rice, pig trotters and green bean soup. It wasn't expensive but portions were very small and the pig trotters were all bones and fats. Okay la but thanks to the road we got to taste 卤肉饭 for the first and last time in Taiwan.
wufenpu taiwan
  Went to 五分埔 (Wu Fen Pu).
wufenpu taiwan
And saw many 2D bags. Took that photo to make fun of Tham, who is a proud owner of a 2D bag heehee!
maokong gondola taiwan cable car crystal cabin
Went Maokong Gondola after that and sat the cable car. We chose the crystal cabin with transparent floor. This was the first cable car ride in my entire life. No I don't know Sentosa got cable car. Just kidding!
maokong village
Took the cable car for 20 minutes to the last station and arrived at Maokong village which was at the top of the mountains.
maokong village
Eatery selling food.
maokong village black pork sausage
They had black pig sausages.
maokong village black pork sausage
maokong village tea house
Tea house.
maokong village scenery
The scenery up there was so beautiful. It was a pity we came here too late, most of the shops were closed. I will be back. One day.  
ximending square
Next stop was 西门町 (Xi Men Ding).
ximending ice cream cone
 Couldn't resist an ice cream cone even though it was raining.
ximending da chang bao xiao chang sausage wrapped in glutinous rice
We bought 大肠包小肠(sausage wrapped in glutinous rice) from this cute guy! :D
ximending da chang bao xiao chang sausage wrapped in glutinous rice
It was soooo good!
ah zong mee sua ximending taiwan
We had the famous 阿宗面线 (Ah Zhong Mee Sua).
ah zong mee sua taiwan ximending
No oysters inside, only intestines!
ximending taiwan bbq corn
BBQ corn. Wanted to try but didn't have any stomach space left. :(
taiwan ximending dog
Saw plenty of Taiwanese dog lovers! :D
ximending square taiwan road
Time to head back!
fake duffy from toy catching machine
Say hi to my fake duffy!
I was extremely lucky and caught this from the toy machine on my third try. But I gave it away to a friend as promised! Bye bye!



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