Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Taipei Day 3

Day 3 was a bad day for me. Woke up in the morning only to smash my camera from the top bunk. The impact was so strong my filter shattered, an unknown part fell out from the lens and the lens was so dented I couldn't cap the cap on. :( My entire morning was spent at Hankou Street, a street with many camera shops, trying to repair my camera. Most of the shops told me that it wasn't worth it to repair and suggested buying a new lens group. Fortunately, the main body wasn't hurt so I got away with just paying for a new lens group phew! If you are thinking of buying new lenses for your DSLR and going to Taiwan anytime, get it from there! It's much cheaper!  
Met with LTT back at the Hostel and we made our way to the train station to train over to Jiu Fen!  
train bento
铁路便当 (Railway Bento). Rice with meat, ham, braised egg, vegetables and deep fried shisamo!
rita's house
Greeted by a comfy room in Rita's House.
I would recommend Rita's House if you are planning a stay at Jiu Fen. Rita is a friendly lady and she provided us with many tips and advices about touring Taiwan. Room was quite huge and comfy, with personal toilet and air conditioner. There was free wifi and the breakfast provided was so good! The best thing is the location, just a short walk to Jiu Fen Old Street!
Visit here for more photos and details:
taiwan scenery
Taiwan's little santorini! :D
taiwan scenery
Breathtaking view of the sea and mountains from the top of Jiu Fen!
jiufen old street
Time to tour the inside of 九份老街 (Jiu Fen Old Street).
jiufen yuyuan
The first thing we did was to have some famous 芋圆 (Taro dessert). I love the Taiwan version much more as it was so fragrant and consists of real yam!
peanut wrap ice cream
Then we chanced upon this shop!
peanut wrap ice cream
 They were selling peanut rolls with ice cream!! And it was so yummy you JUST HAVE TO try it if you are going to Jiu Fen!!
souvenirs fortune cat
Souvenir shop with tiny fortune cat figurines.
wishing shrine
They had these bundles of papers for wish making outside the shop, so heartwarming! :D
taiwan cat
 Real kitty.  
tea leaves egg
Big well of herbal eggs!
souvenir kong ming lantern
We bought these for souvenirs for our clique! They are the miniature versions of Kong Ming lanterns, with well wishes written on each of them. Shake them and they will light up, very pretty! We got Vic the one with 小人远离 written on top of course, since he's a natural attractor for enemies bwahahaha!
famous lu wei braised food
 Super long queue outside this 卤味 (braised food) shop. According to Rita, it's a very old shop and very very famous in Jiu Fen.
hong shao niu rou fan stewed beef with rice
红烧牛肉饭 (stewed beef with rice) for dinner, while enjoying the awesome scenery from the restaurant's balcony area. This was my first proper meal in Taiwan!
night scenery
 Ending off with the beautiful scenery of Jiu Fen, I hope your day was beautiful as well! :)

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