Wednesday, 9 July 2014

tokyo banana duffy bear
Wheee~ Japan loots from dear LTT! Xie xie ni! <3
Went JB with the BFF again the following week after we just went haha! But this time we went KSL Mall - my first time!
KSL mall
 Lunched at this steamboat place called Arashi Shabu Shabu. Sounds like a Japanese restaurant, so we decided to order sashimi but they didn't have it on the menu. :( Food was not bad, but the soup was very very spicy. Everything was good, except the music played - they only had one song on their tracklist. And if that's not irritating enough, the guy next to our table was humming the song over and over again.
And Auntie Anne's is soooo cheap in JB! I love their sour cream and onion pretzel! The BFF was telling me the large number of things she could stuff in her bag despite how small it looked. So I bought a pretzel and stuffed it into her bag to smuggle into the cinema HAHA. Food is a must for me when watching horror films! :D  
KSL mall
 Penang Laksa for dinner. A totally different version from Singapore Laksa but very very delicious! This can be found in the basement of KSL.
This time we got smarter and went back at 9pm. Custom was so empty and there was no queue for the buses heehee!
japanese food
Anyway sashimi cravings fixed after 2 continuous days of eating this. :D
korea food
Yoogane for dinner at bugis with Tony after K. This was the chicken and squid set with ramen added. Thanks for eating up all the carbs for me heehee!
cute dog
Was supposed to be doing volunteering work on a Friday morning, ended up getting the time mixed up. It was 9pm instead of 9am, our beauty sleep... :( So we decided to go for brekky at Necessary Provisions followed by 2 hours of L4D! Saw this toy poodle on our way heehee it was barking non stop, sooo cute! :D
old school toy car
We were there so early that it was still closed. Waited outside for half an hour at least!
necessary provision
Fruits granola at 6.50SGD only. Low carbs!
necessary provision
Happy us with our brekkies!

soup restaurant
Met the money sucking temps for dinner at Vivo! This was the first time we had a meal like this heehee. #团圆饭 #好溫馨
soup restaurant
soup restaurant
Soup restaurant's famous samsui chicken.
soup restaurant
Minced meat with salted egg yolk.
soup restaurant
Claypot salmon on the house thanks to Clem's OCBC card! There got a hole cos greedy Latin kop a piece before I took the photo.
max brenner
Acting cute at Max Brenner cos there were no menu and all of us were lazy to walk over to the counter. #pufferfish
max brenner
Waiting for the food!
banana waffle
This was soooo soooo good! Banana waffles with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce! <3 
chocolate fondue
Chocolate fondue. Comes with strawberries, banana, cookies, brownies and marshmallow. The fire in the middle was for cooking the marshmallow! :D 3 different types of chocolate, good idea since we have one human being who is lactose intolerant and cannot take milk chocolate hahaha!
Just ended my 2-days weekend job. Never knew that standing for 8 hours a day could be so tiring that I can't even feel my legs at the end of the day. #justkidding Anyway, gotta thank TYC for coming down all the way to marine parade to visit me and help me with the saikang! And listening to all my happening stories. Xie xie ni for the icecream and choc! Anderson's rum & raisin never fails to make my day! :D
On a side note, I've been dreaming of people around me dying for the past 2 days. It feels so vivid and real. I've always believe that it doesn't matter if people don't belong in our lives anymore and we don't get to see them often, it's good enough to know that they are still alive and breathing. I don't pray for them to come back to me, I pray for their safety. So please, be safe. :)

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