Thursday, 14 August 2014

1 day of fun at KSL Mall!

So after LTT & Thumb's graduation ceremony about 2 weeks back we decided to have an impromptu clique outing to JB KSL Mall!  
Daisies full of wishes~
Having a neighboring country which is so near is indeed something worth being happy about. How often do you get to travel to another country by bus in less than an hour afterall? And you get to taste authentic Malaysian food and do all the fun filled activities, for half the price of what you will expect in Singapore. :D
We met at 10.30am in the morning and took SBS Transit 170 from Kranji MRT to Kotaraya II Terminal. Then flagged a taxi from the main road all the way to KSL Mall.
First thing to do: Feed our tummies!!
ksl mall famous food
Soon Soon Heng Bak Kut Teh just across the road from KSL Mall.
We had a hard time finding the exit to the stretch of eateries outside KSL Mall, turned out the exit was at the basement. We ordered the large size bak kut teh, braised pig trotters, braised peanuts, salted vegetables and dough fritters for dipping. This was soooo good! The soup was not the peppery kind which I dislike and they had 3 kinds of meat inside, the normal pork bones, pork ribs and 3 layers pork. 
durian ice cream durian puffs
   Durian puffs and durian ice cream.
The peeps bought durian desserts back at KSL Mall, yummy! Our tummies were bursting from lunch so we left LTT to finish the rest of her favourite durian puffs. In the end everyone still grabbed these durian puffs back home after hearing LTT's continuous rants on how good those puffs were lol! But they were really cheap, 3 boxes for 25RM only!
kbox plus ksl mall
 Went for a karaoke session at Kbox Plus.
Had a good time singing 上海滩 & 爱拼才会赢 along with the clique, songs selection done by oldie Thumb hahaha!
Then we bought movie tickets for Guardians of the Galaxy. Before the movie started we did some auntie activities - shopping in Tesco lolol. Thumb bought at least half a dozen packs of Gardenia Muffins which she claimed was her favourite childhood muffins and cannot be found in Singapore. 
And then we smuggled Auntie Anne's into the cinema! I love Auntie Anne's pretzels a damn lot and sour cream & onion has got to be my all-time favourite so it's a must-buy for me when I visit JB. There's also Auntie Anne's in Singapore but it cost about thrice the price as that in JB unfortunately. :x
durian yoghurt
 Durian yoghurt.
Continued eating after walking out of the cinema. Didn't really like the taste of this but there were many people who bought it. The durian on top was bitter and the yoghurt was sour. Altogether it was a weird taste combination.    
claypot rice
 Claypot rice.
Then it was another eating session again heehee! This was along the stretch of shops opposite KSL Mall, on the left of Soon Soon Heng Bak Kut Teh. Far from expensive, but we felt that the food here was pretty average. There were many burnt dishes like the omelette and sambal kang kong. The claypot rice didn't have much claypot taste either.
sambal kang kong omelette minced meat tofu
Omelette, sambal kang kong and minced meat tofu.
Then we flagged a cab back to City Square Mall. The uncle initially refused to fetch us when he saw we had 5 people. He chased us out of his cab and told us to split ourselves into 2 cabs. And Thumb obediently started climbing out of the cab. Then we asked the uncle if we pay more can or not. He immediately said ok lolol.

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