Sunday, 17 August 2014

New found love for a cafe in the west

Decided to pay a visit to Cupplets Café & Bakery two days back with the BFF. We were looking for somewhere to chill in the West since we were too lazy to travel somewhere too far away.
lemon meringue tart elderflower cake matcha latte vanilla latte
It was a pity they were having an event and only allowed takeaways.
Fortunately it was a cooling afternoon and sitting by the pool side wasn't that bad. :) 
cafe in the west singapore
Managed to take some photos of the cafe's interior. These were the tarts on display.
cafe in the west singapore
The café had a vintage theme to it. You can even see old school gashapon machines (coins-operated vending machines that hold toy capsules) tucked at a corner near the entrance.
menu best cafe in singapore
Their tarts range from SGD3.50 to SGD4.50, with the salted caramel and matcha tart as the best sellers.
butter cookie tarts best cafe singapore
Newly launched butter cookie tarts.
matcha tarts best cafe singapore
Matcha tarts that look really good. I will definitely be back someday to try this!
best cafe singapore vintage
vintage cafe best singapore
vintage cafe west singapore
ice cream and cookies best cafe west singapore
They even sell ready made ice cream sandwiched between cookies for SGD5.95 each!
ice cream cookies west best cafe singapore
Comes in pretty packaging and ready to be grabbed from the ice cream freezer just in front of the cashier.
lemon meringue tart best cafe west singapore
Lemon meringue tart.
Slightly on the sour side but it's really good, especially the texture of the tart itself!
elderflower cake best cafe west singapore
Elderflower cake.
I thought this was something extremely unique. The cake was pretty light and tasted refreshingly sweet, not the usual kind of cake that you can find outside.
Coincidentally we both thought the lemon meringue tart and elderflower cake made a good taste combination altogether. One was sour and the other sweet, perfect complements. :D
 We also ordered the vanilla latte and matcha latte. Both were rich and creamy, except they tasted abit too sweet for my liking.
 There weren't too many varieties of sweets on display when we were there although the menu had 6 kinds of tarts. Probably they were sold out or something? The elderflower cake was the only cake on display though. But I ain't complaining because what we got were really delicious! And I must say this is really a great find because if you live in the west you will know very well that there are limited cafes here. If you have tried W39 café and want to experience somewhere new, this is probably the place to visit!
Anyway Cupplets is located inside Ngee Ann Poly and there are a couple of buses like 184, 154, 52 opposite Clementi Mall which goes directly to Ngee Ann Poly. You can then follow the signboards inside to get to blk 16, which is near the sports complex and just in front of the swimming pool.       

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