Friday, 15 August 2014

Good food, good company!

On a Sunday after a Pictionary event, LTT & I decided to try out the food at GRUB near Bishan Park. We all reside in the West area so we thought might as well, since we seldom will specially travel to the East for food!       
bishan park cafe
It was most surprising to know that GRUB was in the middle of the HDB estates.
grub breakfast set
GRUB breakfast set (SGD15).
Grilled focaccia, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, side salad, choice of chicken cheese or garlic thyme pork sausage. The set comes with a coffee, tea, homemade or canned drink.
The café was full house and bustling with people on that Sunday morning. But the good thing about this place is that customers do not need to queue for seats. You just have to key in your name and handphone number on a touch screen panel and they will inform you via SMS when they have seats available for you. 
It's a place great for chilling out with friends over brunch and very suitable for families as well. They offer both indoor and outdoor seating according to your preference. Food wise, we think that the breakfast set tastes pretty mediocre and portion is not too huge. However for the price that we pay it's very much reasonable since it includes a drink as well! 
savanna apple cider
My first time trying Savanna apple cider!!
Accompanied Clem to do some shopping at JEM the next day and went Chevrons for a little drink after that. I must say that Chevrons is a very ideal place to chill without burning your pockets if you have nowhere to go in the night!
chevrons bar
Some serious singing lol.
chevrons bar
One proper selfie!
chicken salad and sandwich
Paris Baguette @ JEM.  
This was last Friday's lunch with LQ, before heading off to somewhere fun!!
what to do in singapore
Ice skating rink!!!
Have been waiting for an eternity to learn skating again! Fell down so many times that my knees and palms were grazed but I think I did improve from the last time! :D
ice skating rink jem
Only photo from Snapchat.
Disney on ice~ Just kidding if I were a Disney character I will probably be the three little pigs lolol.
salmon lobster salad spicy tuna chawanmushi sushi
Genki Sushi @ Orchard Central.
Met with the handsome for dinner after ice skating. We both coincidentally had cravings for Jap food, as always. Oh and we had 2 lucky draw chances from the orders. The crazy man was so insistent he would win and started cheering for himself while spinning the slot machine on the Ipad I couldn't help but rolled my eyes 39438492834 times. Who knows he ended up winning a 10% discount off our total bill lololol!
Missing the chawanmushi, spicy salmon sushi & clam salad so much!! <3
chocolate indulgence waffles belgium chocolate cookies and cream ice cream
Café Mondo @ Orchard Central.
We wanted to visit 7th Heaven for ice cream initially but realized it's not there anymore. Decided to try Café Mondo in the end as we were sold by their desserts' appearances. We got the chocolate indulgence waffles with belgium chocolate and cookies and cream ice cream! Waffles were crisp and not too bad but the scoops of ice cream didn't really quite make it.
where to go in singapore
Morning cycle at ECP.
where to go in singapore
Met Clem at 9am in the morning last Sunday specially to travel all the way to ECP for cycling. Yawns. But it was really an enjoyable experience. I seldom wake up early on weekends, not to mention exercising early in the morning. Cycling in the cool breeze, soaking up the view of the navy blue sky with cumulonimbus white clouds above the calm morning sea, having a sinful breakfast of fried oysters omelette and sugar cane juice, that's life really.
beach to go in singapore
      Resting spot.
paya lebar cafe
NOM @ Macpherson Community Club.
Cabbed over to NOM café at Paya Lebar Way for some brunch.
big nomster eggs atlantic weekend brunch
We ordered the Big Nomster (scrambled eggs, bacon, cheesy chicken sausage and toast) and Eggs Atlantic (smoked salmon, poached eggs, English muffin, hollandaise), both for SGD 12.90 each.
The Eggs Atlantic was awesome and the warm scrambled eggs were super delicious!!
rainbow cake salted caramel
The definitely must-order rainbow cake. 
This was the salted caramel version. Rainbow cakes in my opinion seldom taste excellent but I am a sucker for anything rainbow, especially desserts. It is nevertheless one of the better rainbow cakes around, moist and the salted caramel flavor is pretty distinct.
After cycling and having brunch it was only 2.30pm but we felt as if we had already done a lot in a single morning. Perks of waking up early! :D
good dim sum in singapore
  Swee Choon Dim Sum @ Jalan Besar.
Napped for a few hours and met the clique for early dim sum supper at night. Yummy comfort food to end off the night~ 
Happy TGIF everyone! :D  

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