Thursday, 21 August 2014

Korea Day 4 (Noryangjin Fish Market)

Banana arrived late the previous night and I was so exhausted I fell asleep in the guesthouse before I even knew it lol. I briefly remembered opening the door for her in my dream like state and replying her while she was excitedly telling me some stories. I don't think I even knew what she really was talking about since I was half asleep lol. After a few hours when I woke up she told me she had already done many things, like going to the convenience store to buy cup noodles. Then I fell back to sleep.   
korea trip hi guesthouse
The next morning we decided to have our breakfast at a café just opposite our guesthouse.
korea trip hi guesthouse
They had books on the shelves. Not sure if they were meant for reading or display though!
korea trip hi guesthouse
 Café settings.
korea trip hi guesthouse
Pots of plants.
korea trip hi guesthouse
They sell homemade bread as well. I think the café focuses on healthy eating and most of their food are organic.
korea trip hi guesthouse
Banana. Now I wonder where she got that book lol.
korea healthy cafe
Tired me and my unkempt hair.
korea trip hi guesthouse
My fruits salad.
best panini
Banana's panini.
Food was really not bad. Who says that healthy food tastes awful? :D

korea where to eat seafood
Noryangjin Fish Market from the top.
After brunch we were still starving so we decided to visit Noryangjin Fish Market for seafood heehee!
There were like endless stores over there! You choose your seafood(fresh and still alive), bring it to any restaurants over there and they help to cook for you at a certain price! Fret not if you cannot speak Korean, there are Chinese people stationed there to help you communicate and they even brought us to the restaurant. 
korea where to eat seafood
Side dishes and sauces to go along with the seafood.
korea where to eat seafood sea urchin
Sea urchins.
korea where to eat seafood live octopus
Baby octopuses.
This was the highlight! The baby octopuses were still squirming and moving around when they were brought to our table. They were dead though, it was just due to their nervous systems so this is not at all cruel thankfully. You can feel the impact of the tentacles' suctions in your mouth and I was quite nervous when I was eating this because I had read articles on how people were choked to death by this particular dish lolol. The octopuses are tasteless by itself, but taste pretty good with the sesame sauce that comes with it.
korea where to eat seafood abalones
korea where to eat seafood prawns
This was my favourite dish out of all. The prawns were plump and juicy and taste super sweet even though they were just grilled with no other sauces or ingredients added.
korea where to eat seafood salmon sashimi
Salmon sashimi.
This was bought last minute because we felt that we could still stomach more food haha! We couldn't finish them thought. And the salmon wasn't very fresh there was a rancid after taste to it.
After this we went for shopping at Express Bus Terminal's underground shopping mall! Clothes and accessories there were cheap and most were 10,000Won, of decent quality and very pretty!! We spent a huge portion of our money there and were squealing like crazy all the while. And that's why there isn't any photo. :x
korea best fried chicken
After we went back to our guesthouse to deposit our shopping loots, we strolled along the vicinity to find some dinner. In the end we settled for this as it was near midnight and no other eateries were opened.
korea where to eat fried chicken
Yes, we did it the Korean way!! Fried chicken and soju!! <3
korea best fried chicken
Very very awesome fried chicken it beats KFC anytime. And the portion was big enough to fill two!
We walked back to the guesthouse about 3am and then ran to the convenience stall to get delicious fish shaped ice cream. Now it dawns on me why my weight rocketed after I came back lolol.

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