Monday, 25 August 2014

Korea Day 5 (Myeongdong)

We decided to shop for cosmetics and skincare products at Myeongdong after shopping for clothes the previous day, just in case we ran out of money. Cosmetics and skincare products are a lot cheaper than what you can find in Singapore but they still drained the bulk of our money away haha! 
To get to Myeongdong, just alight at Myeong-Dong Station (Line#4), Exit 6.   
where to go in korea
Myeong-Dong streets on a weekend.
korea where to eat porridge
We decided to try the famous porridge chain shop, Bonjuk.
It wasn't difficult to locate the shop as there were many student-volunteers in red costumes standing along the streets who were most willing to help tourists navigate their ways. They were fluent in English and they had maps drawn out for us as well!
where to eat porridge in korea
Their simple porridge menu.
where to eat porridge in korea
I had the abalone porridge for 10,000Won.
fruit juice stall korea
 Fruit juice stall.
The fruits were nicely cut up and stored in cups so you just have to point to any one of them and they will blend it for you!
fruit juice stall korea
Banana getting her fruit juice.
watermelon fruit juice stall korea
Watermelon stall selling watermelon juice! The whole stall was just so cute!!
curly ice cream korea
curly ice cream korea There were also many ice cream stalls around selling the curly cones ice cream!
Basically they use a machine to pump the ice cream into the curly cones or candy canes cones. You can choose to have a mix of flavours as well! We tried one and its really damn shiok for a warm day.
tornado potato korea
The Tornado Potato!!
We often see people eating this street snack on TVs. Now we got to try it and it's simply delicious and very addictive!! But we had a hard time eating those at the bottom of the stick without having potato touching our faces and powder all over our mouths.
artist draw myeondong korea
Talented artist at work.
laneige korea myeongdong
Our favourite brand.
Remember to claim your tax refunds if you buy products over 30,000Won!
handphone cases korea myeongdong
Pretty handphone covers.
bibimbap korea where to eat
Bibimbap at the food basement of Lotte Departmental Stall for dinner.
Then it was a night for tidbits shopping at Lotte Mart! :D   

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