Sunday, 31 August 2014

Korea Day 6 (Trick Eye Museum & N Seoul Tower)

That morning I set off a little earlier to Hongdae than banana to look for my umbrella. After that I needed to look for a Wi-Fi hotspot to contact her, hence I decided to try my luck at Dunkin' Donuts.  
korea western breakfast light sandwich smoothie
 Light breakfast.
army stew ramen fish cakes topoki meat seafood
After meeting banana we walked into this random shop selling Budae Jjigae(army stew consisting of ramen, fish cakes, topokki, meat and seafood). It was surprisingly quite yummy and good for two person at a reasonable price.
artist portrait korea
  After lunch we visited Trick Eye Museum which was nearby. There was an artist drawing human faces in the form of cartoon at the entrance. See the resemblance? So talented!!
pretty hanbok korea
 Studio for taking hanbok photos.
trick eye museum

trick eye museum
They even do your hair and make up.
the scream
The Scream, banana version.
Entrance ticket is 15,000Won for adults and you can enter both Trick Eye Museum and Ice Museum.
We alighted at Hongik University Station Exit 9, and walked a distance before reaching Trick Ice Museum, which is in between TONYMOLY and Holika Holika.  
I'm part of the painting!!
Picnic time.
I love the fairytale setting!
 The witch told me to pay ransom 1000 dollars to save banana.
 I happily took her place instead lolol.
Hangover. Big drunkard  酒鬼 heehee!
Someone plucked a flower for me!
eaten by fish
Rain rain go away~
umbrella rain
Puss in boots and Po in boots.
nutcracker on swing
Banana and the nutcrackers.
Row row row a boat~ On a side note, my eye bags look horrible!!
haha mirror poportion
I would really love to bring this mirror home!!
ice museum trick eye museum
It was super cold inside the Ice Museum I almost froze to death I really don't know how banana could have run into the igloo still!!
ice museum slide trick eye museum
And she even took the slide made of ice ohmygod.
santorini picture
Photo of Greece, Santorini.
This is a place I've dreamt of going all my life. I really pray hard I can visit this place by next year.
best patbingsu
Café selling desserts, sandwiches and toasts.
As if it wasn't cold enough after coming out from the Ice Museum plus it was raining heavily outside, we decided to have...
patbingsu best in korea
TADAH! Patbingsu!! We had the traditional flavour with grounded peanuts and mocha. Very very delicious I wonder if I can ever find this in Singapore! This was a random café near Trick Eye Museum which was on the second storey. We knew they were selling patbingsu because they had this very big poster of the dessert on the building.   
where to go in korea
 Then we took the subway to Myeongdong Station to visit N Seoul Tower.
We walked towards Pacific Hotel and from there we asked a local who was kind enough to walk a distance with us and guided us up a pathway. The cable car boarding area is not at all near to Myeongdong Station so be prepared to walk! Or else you can take a bus up as well. The cable car ticket cost us 8,500Won each. We got the return ticket since it was more worth it than a one way ticket which easily cost 6,000Won already.
where to go in korea
Clear view of N Seoul Tower without obstructions.
where to go in korea
where to go in korea
This was the view from the top. Really breathtaking!!
where to go in korea
The famous Lover's Locks.
where to go in korea
Awesome night view.
where to go in korea
And another photo of the city's lights.
where to go in korea
 They have a few cafes so you can grab a bite over there.
where to go in korea
Souvenir shop where you can get your locks if you didn't bring one.
where to go in korea
Then they have the teddy bear shop and an ice cream shop beside as well!
where to go in korea
More locks inside this structure. I think you need to have slightly longer hands to lock it inside haha!
where to go in korea
Where couples chill.
where to go in korea
Yea they look like Christmas trees but they are actually trees for people to hang their locks on.
pain au raisin danish english breakfast tea lee minho oppa
 While banana went up to the top of the tower for a look, I was sitting downstairs at some café eating a raisin danish and drinking English breakfast tea with Minho Oppa heehee!
restaurant near n seoul tower
Settled for a late night dinner at a random restaurant nearby before going back to our hostel. We were famished by then and luckily this restaurant was still opened. I took a quick photo using my phone and gobbled up the delicious grilled pork belly and beef stew! :D

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