Thursday, 14 August 2014

Miaoli Day 7

Woke up to a bright and sunny morning on our last day in Miaoli and went down to the café. Goodness the café was filled with the aroma of toasted bread and soft classical music was playing in the background. Were we still in dreamland?!  
best breakfast
Garlic toasts, hard boiled egg, salad, sausage and sweet potato.
Apparently not haha! Breakfast was fabulous, garlic bread was toasted to perfection and how I love the taste of a good old hard boiled egg dipped in salt and pepper at the side! <3
nice scenery miaoli

nice scenery miaoli
Having breakfast and a cup of hot chocolate accompanied by a view of nature.
where to stay in miaoli
Cat lover!
miaoli day 7
Non cat lover.
where to stay in miaoli
At the outdoor area.
beautiful place in miaoli
Relaxing view.
where to stay in miaoli
Flight of stairs.
miaoli taiwan day 7
With kitty.
The Minsu has 2 fat cats wandering around everywhere because the owner is an absolute cat lover. One of them took a gentle bite on my feet under the table while we were having breakfast whyyy you like this! :(
where to stay in miaoli
 Café interior.
This marks the end of my Taiwan trip. Next up will be my almost 2 weeks Korea trip!


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