Saturday, 30 August 2014

NTU Fest, Night Picnic @ Marina Barrage and all good food!

Just touched down a few hours ago after 4 days in Hong Kong, and I am already missing the food there! :( Will blog about it soon heehee can't wait!
Meanwhile, a few weeks back half of the clique decided to head over to NTU Fest last minute because JY had 100 dollars worth of tickets to spend.  It was really chaotic and food were sold out so fast we almost had nothing to eat boohoo. We queued close to 1 hour for nachos and when we finally reached the front of the queue the nachos were all sold out. We ended up buying boxes of pre-packed spaghetti and fried noodles and Old Chang Kee.  
Nothing much really, I think the entire highlight of the fest was Kang Gary.
clique polaroid NTU Fest kang gary
 Polaroids with the clique.
tuna sandwiches toasted baguettes cherry tomatoes olives potatoes with bacon bits rocket salad
Homemade brunch(Tuna sandwiches, toasted baguettes with cherry tomatoes and olives, potatoes with bacon bits and rocket salad). 
Had a filling and delicious brunch prepared by the sister before making my way to NTU Fest heehee! Love the potatoes especially! <3
kfc delivery marina barrage
KFC delivery!
Friday night the uni mates decided to meet up since everyone was free, surprisingly haha! We went Marina Barrage for a night picnic and it was super fun!!! No frills dinner but who says you cannot enjoy especially when there is good companionships, good food and a good view? :D
Only thing was the wind was very strong and things fly around everywhere, which was why CY placed his cup in his shoes. We all thought it was disgusting lolol.  
Sorry for all the blurry photos, it was late at night and these photos were taken using my Note 3. 
marina barrage night picnic
 We decided to try taking photos using my selfie stick.
And it proved to be a great challenge because there was no light and everywhere was pitch black.
marina barrage night picnic
Finally we succeeded!!
marina barrage night picnic selfie stick
  And the best shot out of 40 over selfies.
The trick was to create your own light source and downloading the correct photography app to use. Cy and Marcus were both holding their handphone torches lol! And we used an app called Cameringo Lite. It's actually pretty fabulous for taking selfies in the dark. Iphone has no self timer function and while android has it, it doesn't have a front camera flash. Cameringo Lite solved all problems for us, it has both a self timer and a front camera virtual flash light. And it's not the kind of strong flash light available in all phone cameras that make photos ugly and create red eyes. Best of all it's free!
it's difficult to make a strawberry shortcake
The next day I decided to try making a strawberry shortcake for Jojo's belated birthday. But I think it's quite obvious I failed terribly lol. I rarely bake though, and don't like to bake because it's troublesome and I hardly have the patience. The cake turned out to be very moist and heavy and it was stuck to the bottom of the cake tin. I was harbouring high expectations though, as it was the first time I successfully whipped cream into whip cream and it didn't turn into water LOL.
failed strawberry shortcake
 The cake was the reason why I was moody and irritated the whole day. Then I started making these out of frustration and popped them one by one into my mouth.
smoked duck and cranberry sandwich smoked salmon sandwich
Dinner with Jojo at Teadot café Westgate.
She had the Smoked Duck & Cranberry Sandwich and I had the Smoked Salmon Sandwich. Not bad, and they have chips instead of fries which is pretty much unique!
We went to watch Lucy after dinner, and the movie was so far fetched and weird we came out of the cinema feeling strange and confused lolol.
salmon black pepper beef squid scallops asparagus mushrooms
Yaki Yaki Bo Teppanyaki Restaurant @ Jurong Point.
Sunday was dinner with the family. This restaurant is always crowded and seats are always filled up especially on weekends. I can see why, their food is really really good!! We had the salmon, black pepper beef, squid, scallops, asparagus and mushrooms and I love every single dish!
candy apple apple juice ribena sprite
We also ordered the candy apple drink, an interesting mix of apple juice, ribena and sprite.
After that we walked around and we saw this! Doraemon's favourite Dorayaki heehee! I bought the blueberry one to try and I love love love it!
mini beanies chilli crab dip nachos
Right after eating, we eat again.
Mr Bean at Jurong Point is selling mini beanies and you can even choose your own dipping sauce and top! We were immediately sold by the cute appearances of these mini beanies.
mini beanies chilli crab dip nacho chips
 And so we got a box of 8 mini beanies with chilli crab dip with nacho chips, along with some drinks and desserts! Yums!  

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