Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Taichung Day 5 (Part 2)

After visiting Lavender Cottage our cab driver brought us to this place called Dong Dong Yu Yuan (東東芋圓) which specializes in selling the black ball dessert. It consists of yam, tapioca and sweet potato balls, black pearls and glass jelly on top of shaved ice. The Taiwan version comes with yam paste as well, which I really love!  
taiwan famous yu yuan
Very good black ball dessert!
taiwan famous yu yuan
Happy with her favourite dessert.
dong dong yu yuan taichung famous
taiwan taichung
Next we headed over to Carton King (紙箱王), where everything there is made out of Cardboard!
taichung day 5
 My favourite.
kitty scratch
Kitty outside a souvenir shop.
taichung day 5
Shop selling souvenirs made out of cardboards.
taichung day 5
 They had an amazing exhibit like this and everything was basically made out of cardboard. The tiny cardboard cars were going round and round the structure on their own, I wonder how they did that!
pisa tower
Cardboard structures of famous icons around the world!
eiffel tower model
Eiffel tower.
Including colourful display items that you can buy home.
taichung day 5
 Cute lantern.
paper pandas
A set of pandas!
pisa tower model
Large cupboard structures outdoors! I wonder how they can withstand the rain.
Why you poke my head?
taichung day 5
Tongue length competition.
It's almost 3 times of my height. :(
the bund
And she's almost as tall as The Bund.
Houses flying above me!
honey bees
At the other side of Carton King, there is this area where they have bees enclosed behind glass cases. You can buy honey products here as well!
musical box instant noodles
Then they have twist meat noodles if you are hungry. :D
train model
Choo Choo~
moncoeur gate
Guess where? :D
taichung day 5
I was so excited about visiting this place long before I reached Taiwan because I've read that it's a beautiful place and many people come here for their wedding photoshoots, plus there's this fabulous wedding venue entirely made up of glass! :D
entrance tickets moncoeur
Entrance tickets to Moncoeur (心之芳庭) at NT200 each.
chin chin cafe
Chin Chin House!
purple and white flowers
More flowers!
parade square fountain
Cafes around this area.
kissing board
Slow to realize that these two are not real human beings.
candy table
Candy corner in a souvenir shop!
biggest diamond ring
And the largest diamond ring on earth probably.
rose soap bars
Tiny soap bars, they even have it in 喜 design!
cute teddy bear
tear drops
"I would transform into a tear for you that will become an eternal memory in your heart."
love momento
wishing well
Wishing well.
chocolate cafe
Chocolate shop.
chocolate cafe ice cream
Chocolate ice cream at NT128.
photo on the wall
Chocolate story~
happy corner
Happy corner! :D
candy corner
photo frames on white wall
milk pudding rainbow pudding
It's a bright little shop selling milk pudding desserts actually!
ti amo i love you in italy
I love you in 4 different languages.
wishing spoons
Couples write their wishes on spoons and pray that they will have eternal love. :)
cafe van
Pink van-like cafe! <3
cafe quiet spot
Romantic hangout place with pink heart balloons at every table!
pink heart balloon
Lonely heart~
glass church wedding
And this was the highlight of the whole attraction for me!! Unfortunately there was a gate and we could only admire it from afar.
open air wedding
Outdoor wedding venue!
i <3 u
I <3 U!
After Moncoeur our cab driver drove us back to our hostel. We rested for abit before walking over to  Fengjia Night Market to meet Xiuhui and her BF! We were coincidentally in Taichung on the same day! :D
chee cheong fun
Very yummy Chee Cheong Fun!
butter beer taiwan
  We spotted butter beer!! I think we were in the land of Harry Potter! 
animals snack
Pastries in the shapes of animals! I ate the pig one of course! :D
prettiest cakes
Cakes in Taiwan are so elaborately made I can't even...
happy couple
The sweet couple~
white puppy
night market street
Fengjia Night Market is really hugeeee! Some food are best avoided though, as tourists often end up paying exorbitant prices for them. :( We bought a packet of braised food for more than SGD10, and a packet of fruits for SGD12. Wow.    
street food onion rings mustard sour cream
Continued feasting! This was really really good onion rings with sour cream and mustard sauce yums~
mango shaved ice taiwan
Mango shaved ice for dessert! Nice but nothing extraordinary!
group photo poportion
Group photo before we headed for home in different directions! :D

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