Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Tart Blanc & One Day of Pretending to be a Tourist

Had a sudden urge to visit a café yesterday to satisfy some tart cravings. So in the end I decided to pay a visit to Tart Blanc at Millenia Walk!
chocolate banana tart
 Their specialty is tarts, but they offer main courses as well.
best tarts cafe singapore
They are having a lunch promotion for SGD9.90 which includes a meal and a drink. You can add on a tart for another SGD6.00. This is super value for money I think, since most of their tarts are SGD7.50 each and drinks are at least SGD4+ or 5+.
best tarts cafe singapore
From left: Blueberry lavender chocolate, spiced espresso, lemon blackberry, cassis poached honeydew and passion lime.
best tarts cafe singapore
From left again: Banana chocolate, blood orange matcha, pistachio chocolate, passion lime, matcha milkshake, ice kacang, rum & eve.
The sweet and soft spoken lady at the counter told me that the blood orange matcha and banana chocolate tarts were their shop's specialties. I was of course very tempted to choose the rum & eve since I have a soft spot for rum desserts. The ice kacang looked equally tempting as well because of the pretty colours(rainbow desserts!!). But in the end I decided to go for the banana chocolate tart lol. 
chocolate banana tart
The lady told me they were having a tea time promotion, any tart and a pot of tea for SGD10. I asked for recommendations on beverages with low caffeine, and to my surprise they actually have decaf tea. I decided on the decaf apricot tea.
  The tart was good, but not fabulous. Tart base was pretty crumbly but I thought something was missing for the chocolate and banana cream on top. Maybe it will be better if the toppings were cold? But then again perhaps it was cold initially, just that I was too busy snapping photos and took too long before I finally ate the tart. :x
I'm not someone who can appreciate tea and only like two types of tea in my lifetime - lipton tea with milk lolol and the lavender tea from The Hardware Societe in Melbourne. So don't listen to me if I tell you the tea is not nice lol. For the apricot tea I really can't taste or smell any apricot though, but it's a good choice if you are someone who don't like caffeine like me because it gives you anxiety.
tart blanc
 Selfie 1 with tart!
tart blanc
Selfie 2 with same tart lol.
best tart cafe singapore
Small varieties of cakes and macaroons.
best tart cafe singapore
 Takeaways packaging.
oatmeal chocolate chip black white sesama cranberry white chocolate vanilla ginger and lemon paddy oats sweet and salty cookies
cafe menu
   Their menu for main courses.
decorations paper lantern best tart cafe singapore
Ceiling decorations.
best tart cafe singapore cafe interior
The café is rather small, with an all-white design interior. I think it's possible to miss it since it doesn't look like a café from the outside! But Tart Blanc really does look like a promising café to me, it's small but I can sense a lot of sincerity and passion. The lady offered to clear my empty plate for me and asked if I wanted more hot water for my tea. And then I realized there is no GST and service charge. That means providing service without any service charge, that's worth mentioning right? I also realized she was standing at the counter for hours even though there were very few customers in the afternoon. Most people will just disappear and find a chair to sit down or something.
creative art drawings colouring
Creative drawings.
Since I had nothing to do after that I decided to explore city hall.
creative art drawing colouring
Some kids are really so talented! Love the drawing in the middle especially!
horse made from tree bark
 Here are some ideas of what you can do if you have nothing to do:
1. Sit around the main entrance of esplanade and admire these horses made out of tree barks lol.
performance stage piano seatings
2. Watch free performances at esplanade concourse at night.
guitars ukelele
 3. Shop for guitars if you have some extra cash to spare.
affordable bar pub esplanade
4. Chill over a drink or two at Sauce.
asahi super dry japanese beer

best fries buffalo wings esplanade bar singapore
Let me digress abit! I visited Sauce once and they have very yummy buffalo wings!
free performance singapore
 5. Check out the night performances at esplanade outdoor stage.
singapore hawker fare makansutra glutton bay
6. Try delicious local food at Esplanade hawker centre.
best view scenery singapore
View of sky towers and the Merlion.
Otherwise you can just kill hours walking around and enjoying the sceneries!
singapore best view where to go
Marina Bay Sands Hotel & Theatre.
singapore best view where to go
As we get nearer...
singapore best view where to go
Helix Bridge.
marina bay sands mall outside

marina bay sands mall pond lotus leaves purple flowers
Walk down the wide staircase to come to this beautiful mini pond with lotus leaves and purple flowers!
marina bay sands
Time to whip out my camera!
louis vuitton island maison of marina LV
Louis Vuitton Island Maison of Marina.
marina restaurant bars where to go singapore
Stretch of restaurants and bars.
best pub to go hy california marina singapore
HY California.
best pub marina bay sands cheap beer
They have SGD10 beers.
marina bay sands
This is probably the place where you can camwhore a lot and nobody will judge you because you can pass off as a tourist!!
helix bridge
Another one at Helix Bridge on the way back lolol!
where to go singapore great view
On my way to see the Merlion face to face for the first time in my life.
singapore best view where to go
Turning dark.
singapore best view where to go
Fullerton Hotel.
singapore best view where to go
Getting close to the Merlion!
singapore best view where to go
But before that we must pass through a fake Merlion.
Still remember few months back when the clique was walking back to Vivocity from the Sentosa board way and we saw a merlion statue...
Thumb: 这个是假的merlion right?
Vic: Errrr merlion 没有真的
Lolol can't believe 这种话他也讲得出来!
singapore best view where to go
View of the Singapore Flyer!
singapore best view where to go
singapore best view where to go
Tadahhhh Merlion front view!
singapore best view where to go
Got back view also!
singapore good view where to go
Breathtaking night view.
singapore great view where to go
Further down.
singapore where to stay best accommodation
Boardway to the Fullerton Bay Hotel.
singapore best bar to chill marina bay sands
The Fullerton Pavilion.
best hotel singapore where to stay
Gotta be one of the grandest hotel I've ever seen.
best place to have high tea singapore
best hotel singapore high tea
Stunningly beautiful place.
one day tourist
Selfie level heightened to another level.
The handsome: But both of your hands are in the picture!
I use timer cannot is it lol!

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