Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Fat Die Me Week

So last week Wee, CY, Marcus & I visit Marche @ 313 Somerset for dinner after a long time!
 Marcus's Rosti with sausage.
 CY had smoked salmon, sausage and a whole Rosti to himself too.
The guys complained of feeling sick after eating a whole Rosti, so me and Wee laughed at them because we had originally wanted to share the food so we could try more varieties hahaha! And they finished all the Rosti and left none for us!!   
Pork knuckles and baked potato!!
I had always hated pork knuckles but after I tried this I totally love pork knuckles!! It was soooo delicious I have cravings for this from time to time now!! Definitely going back for more soon!
 Duck pizza with hoisin sauce!
Strawberry Banana Rendezvous!
After dinner desserts!
The next day I met Tony for another café outing, this time at Brew Maison because their Latte Art Artist was on duty!! :D
Before he came I was staring at this Alpaca in the display, it was so adorable!!
We made reservations for the 3D Latte Art one day before and were allocated a timing.
Waiting for our food!
Pasta with chicken fillet.
Pork wrap with curry sauce.
And finally it was time to collect our lattes!! We had the dog and the cat!
We had the Goguma(Sweet Potato) Latte and Kabocha(Pumpkin) Latte! They also have Taro(Yam) Latte! I must say their drinks are really awesome!
The usual café selfies whenever we are bored and have nothing to do hahaha!
Yum yum!
I couldn't resist the temptation. I stole the alpaca from the display and told Tony to snap a quick photo for me hahaha!
Dinner for that night was with the family. The sister brought us to Grand Shanghai to try the food and take a look at the place because she was interested in holding her wedding there.
I was the first to reach and it took them quite a long time to find our reservation that I begin to wonder if I entered the wrong place lolol. Turned out they wrote my sister's name as Tan P F instead of Chan P F.
The place was really grand and the ambience was great. I remembered I was pretty fascinated when I first stepped in. There was even a stage with an Old Shanghai theme and the singers sang plenty of old songs!
The whole restaurant was fully booked and I don't think we could have dined there if we didn't make a reservation.  
The food was awesome!! I loved every single dish, including the desserts!!
Impromptu late dinner meet up at Din Tai Fong with Clem for the week, and another HTHT session heehee!  
Oops and I forgot about this! Raymond's Macarons all the way from Paris from the bro-in-law! Macarons just make me so happy because they are all so colourful!!

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