Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Feeding Ourselves at Sunday Market & C.A.N. Cafe

Last Wednesday we had a clique meet up at Jurong Point for dinner but in the end nobody ate except for Vic and me.  
We decided to share the Ma La Guo thing at the newer food court. You just choose the vegetables, meat and seafood you want and then they will cook it for you. We chose the lowest level of spiciness but this was in fact quite spicy already!! And the portion was so huge both of us couldn't finish. I remembered the last time I ate this was during my intern days last year where I would run to Chinatown with my colleagues to try the food there heehee!  
Desserts at Ji De Chi after dinner. I love fu chuk!!
Next day dinner after Squash at NTU with the BFF. The food was not bad and very cheap! My ramen set only costs me $3. The big eater BFF couldn't finish her portion so the meat must really be a lot bwahahaha!
Sunday Market for late lunch on Friday.
Met Tony after my interview at Serangoon. Initially we were planning to sing K but it was too late so we just kept eating throughout, as usual lol!
 It's like a trend now for cafes to have a bicycle.
Skinny Wings & Truffle Fries.
Only $6 I think, super worth it! We didn't like the wings though but the truffle fries were goooooddd! But I like all truffle fries so... :D
Roasted Duck with Garlic Hoisin Crispy Eggs.
Basically this dish is pancakes filled with duck meat, drizzled with sauce and topped with crispy eggs and rocket salad. Very unique and taste uber delicious too. Fat die me.
We were saving some tummy space for the café opposite so we only had mains.
Does this look familiar?
The settings outside the café were so cute!
C.A.N. Café!
I love their menu so much! Every one is customized differently and made from scratch.
Good for chilling at night, or if you want to drink in the day.
80s posters.
It's a vintage theme café.
Looks like the kind of chair which will electrocute you if you decide to sit on top hahaha!
More wall posters.
Further in.
And finally our food!! They are all so pretty I didn't regret ordering two desserts! We had the rose cheesecake and lemon meringue. I love rose flavored food and the rose cheesecake wasn't disappointing at all! Plus the ice cream was the old school kind that I like. Lemon meringue was good too! Tony loved his sunset drink apparently, and kept laughing at my grapefruit juice because it was super sour. Okay la his drink was really nice. But mine was healthy! Fat die him bwahahaha! Actually I chose the lemon meringue because the photo inside the menu featured a very cute guitar spoon. But when the dessert came we were like WHY NO GUITAR?! :( 
Dessert portions are really small so it's very safe if you want to order more.
We were so bored we decided to camwhore with his Ipad mini.
Right after we took the photo he told me "don't look like you lei...".
Look like Doraemon la hor.

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