Monday, 15 September 2014

Having Fun in Hong Kong Day 1

Finally blogging about my 4 days Hong Kong trip last month!!
We took Cathay Pacific airlines. The flight was in the morning and we reached the Changi Airport at around 4+ am. I didn't get to sleep though, because I went out to play the night before and only started packing my luggage at around midnight. Served me right. :(
 Boarding area.
I love airplane food!! Was super excited even from the lack of sleep! And eating in front of a movie screen makes me very very happy, always! The sister recommended the movie Divergent, it was really good! I attempted to watch Tinkle Bells initially lolol.  
 CityView Hotel.
This was the second time we were staying here. I liked the room clean and spacious and the location was pretty ideal as well, very close to the subway station!
New towels were replaced daily and the bathroom was spotless!!
Artistic corner in the room lol.
Sham Tseng Chan Kee Roasted Goose.
First meal after we touched down. The other time we came here as well and we loved the food!  
Soup of the day.
Roasted Goose.
This was the highlight! Very sinful but tasted sooooo good, especially with the sour plum sauce yummy!
Char Siew!!!
The Char Siew in Hong Kong is so freaking nice I don't even know what it is made of.
Quack quack!
That night we went to Avenue of Stars.
Before the sky turned dark.
The parents were so engrossed with the singing performances. Hong Kong's 黄金年华!
This little boy was obviously the hot favourite of everyone. He was like a little star, going around shaking hands!
 We were there early with the intention to chop a good standing place to catch the Symphony of Lights. But everyone was even more Kiasu than us and we ended up with nowhere to stand! Lucky for us a couple decided to go off early and we got to capture some nice photos heehee!
Dinner was at Sheng Kee Congee & Noodles shop just opposite our hotel. This was also one of the shops we ate at few years ago and I would crave for their pig liver congee from time to time!! I was so happy I finally got to eat this again!!
We saw Cai Lan's articles everywhere. I think he ate the whole Hong Kong.
Beef tendon noodles.
Beef stomach noodles.
My favourite pig liver congee! 
Somehow the pig livers have a different texture from those in Singapore. They taste fantastic with the sauce and spring onions!
Fei Jie just down the corner of our hotel.
My sister sent me to queue for some after dinner snacks. So that's me first in line. The stall didn't allow any photography so she sneakily took it from the corner lol! 
Squid, duck kidneys and intestines.  
I know they sound disgusting but 真的很好吃!!
Smelly tofu!
I used to be afraid of this although I eat everything. But I fell in love with this after taking a bite heehee!
There was a new shop called Honey Granny selling honey ice cream and it attracted quite a large crowd. The sister quietly went to queue for it out of curiosity and came back with a cup.
Tasted marvelous. The honey was super fragrant and blended well with the soft serve. I didn't like the honey comb on the top though. I took a little bite out of it and started chewing, thinking that it would dissolve in my mouth like sugar. But it was like chewing gum and tasted quite disgusting after awhile.
This was the end of our first day, I think we did quite a lot! :D


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