Saturday, 20 September 2014

Having Fun in Hong Kong Day 3 & 4

Third day was breakfast at Lin Heung Tea House, a Dim Sum place.
Directions: From Exit C of Central MTR Station, turn left and walk straight until you see Queen Victoria Street. Turn left and walk until you see the Central Mid Levels Escalator. Take the escalator up and go down to the stretch of street as shown in the photo.
 Lin Heung Tea House is one of the oldest Dim Sum place in Hong Kong and it's a hot spot for the locals. It looks like an amiable place from this photo right?
Wrong. This is it when the Dim Sum cart comes out from the kitchen! Everyone will rush forward to crowd around the cart and snatch baskets of Dim Sum from the auntie.
 Beancurd skin.
Chee Cheong Fun.
Our kiasu instincts kicked in and the sister managed to grab two baskets off the cart on the first round!
Char Siew Pau.
I snatched this I snatched this! Okay this was the only basket I snatched. Later on we got another basket of Char Siew Pau because both me and the dad loved it!
Pig liver.
Chicken feet.
Mushrooms and pork wrapped in cabbage.
Siew Mai.
We were wondering why there was no Har Kow. This was grabbed by the mum. The dad scored 0 points when it comes to Dim Sum snatching lolol. The food was not bad but not excellent. Nevertheless it was an experience that I wouldn't regret, how often do you get to snatch Dim Sums in an old school restaurant? Not that I enjoy snatching food but you know! Okay, maybe you do get that bit of satisfaction. LOL.
After breakfast was coffee seeking activity for the two coffee addicts in the family. We went to this little cafĂ© named Pret inside Central's MTR station.
We couldn't help but notice that they had a very good concept. Espresso, fresh juices, hot soups and wraps and pretty yoghurt and granola bowls, their business was brisk.
     The sister's coffee.
The dad made a mistake and ordered an espresso lol! He complained the cup was too small and it didn't have any effect on him.
We had quite a lot of time left and walked over to the IFC tower to specially look at Macarons. IFC tower houses many famous Macarons stores such as Pierre Herme, Le Gouter Bernardaud and Paul Lafayet.
Earl Grey and Rose flavor. 
We decided to try the Macarons from Paul Lafayet. Not bad but the crust crumbles too easily. I liked it that the macarons' crusts were slightly to the crispier side.
Then we strolled slowly to the harbor to catch the ferry to Lamma Island. There were signboards all around so it was quite easy for us to locate Ferry Pier 4.
We thought we would feel the breeze sitting out in the open. But it was actually quite hot and made us super dizzy lol.
Very good chicken pie from a small bakery stall in Yung Shue Wan.
We started our journey from Yung Shue Wan and trekked all the way up to Sok Kwu Wan.
We took quite long to reach the beach I wondered why, because many sources mention that it's a short walk from Yung Shue Wan. :(
Having the famous Ah Po's Tau Huey to cool ourselves down. This has got to be one of the nicest beancurds I've tasted in my life! You cannot possibly miss it on your trek up.
Took us ages to reach the top of the hill. And it was so scorching hot our skin tones all changed colours by the time we reached Sok Kwu Wan lol! But seriously, the climb was made even more tedious because of the blazing hot sun and I do not recommend going on this trek if you have elderlies with you. You can burn a lot of calories though I suppose.
On our way down.
Black pepper clams.
Seafood dinner at the famous Rainbow Seafood Restaurant to reward ourselves.
Chicken with cashew nuts and celery.
Fish fresh from the tank.
Kang Kong with shrimp paste.
All the dishes were freaking delicious, especially the chicken with cashews minus the celery(I hate celery) heehee! We also ordered the corn soup with crab meat and it was the only dish that tasted mediocre. I thought the canned corn soup tasted much better. But Rainbow offers complimentary ferry ride back for all their customers with no minimum spending, so don't worry about return tickets.
This is totally like a dream picture!! It looked more like Venice than Tai-O actually.
The ferry ride back was so romantic, just look at the awesome view outside!! This was the best picture I could capture though. The waves were so huge it was not advisable to even walk around.
Apple store from the bridge across IFC Tower.
We went back to get some Macarons which I wanted to try so badly! Pictures later! :D
Went back to Yee Shun for awesome desserts for the last time. And I had my mango milk drink, yes again!
Macarons from Pierre Herme! With the limited edition Hong Kong landmarks box. You can choose the Paris landmarks box in yellow as well.
Back of the box.
Crazy photos snapping time the moment I went back to the hotel!! The Macarons were so pretty!! & Hong Kong is the nearest place where I can get my hands on these delicious Macarons!
From left: Jasmine, Salted Caramel, Blueberry, Rose, Dark Chocolate, Pistachio & Passionfruit.
Pierre Herme does not sell their Macarons singly though, the least you must get is a box of 7. But they taste really fabulous, and it you are not a fan of sweet stuffs, you can get sour flavors like the blueberry and passionfruit!! I used to think all Macarons are meant to be sweet, it's really amazing every time you sink your teeth into a different flavor!
Luggage tags for gifts! Doesn't the Minnie look stupidly cute? I love cute things with a tinge of stupidity/ugliness in them! I hope you get what I mean. :D
My late night snack. Fat die me I know. But I love Ritz Cheese Bits to the max!!
On our last day we split up to get different gifts for maximum efficiency lol! Me and the dad sat at Macdonalds for at least an hour while waiting for Hang Heung's store to open. They are very famous for their wife biscuits and tadahhh we got half a dozen boxes to bring back!
After that we went back to the hotel to meet the mum and sister before heading to Sheng Kee Porridge and Noodles shop for breakfast again. We had the same things as before so no photos this time round!  
Then it was check out and to the airport! We had Popeyes for lunch since it was quite early, and the sister bought Apple Pie Sundae from Macs ohmygosh I loved it!! But actually it's nothing special, just the usual soft serve drizzled with strawberry sauce and the usual apple pie sliced into halves. But I still love it anyway! :D
I shall say it again, I love airplane food!! And this time there was ice cream in my favourite flavor, cookies and cream!! <3
Back home to enjoy my Lao Po Bing. Ugly but delicious. That's why they say never judge a book by it's cover. HAHA! Okay I can't believe I just said that. :D

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