Friday, 5 September 2014

I Am Cafe, Working Title & Craft Bakery Cafe All In 2 Days

Last Monday I was at Beach Road with the mum and sister to look for Paranakan Kebaya because my mum wanted to wear it for my sister's wedding.
We had this for lunch, the famous Blanco Court Prawn Mee. We had the Prawn and Pork Ribs Noodles and the Prawn and Pig Tail Noodles. These were really good, the soup was fragrant and flavorful and I love the pork ribs especially! :D There was another stall next to it selling fried Ngoh Hiang as well. This place seems to be the hot lunch spot for the working people and it was fully occupied by 2pm.
  Then we went to Tutti Frutti for some yogurt just round the corner. This wasn't exactly cheap, it goes by weight and I think it cost more than 10 dollars before the discount. But it's yummy haha!
Met Tony at night for dinner at I Am Café, Haji Lane!
Initially we were planning to have a café hop outing that night but after a burger and a dessert we were so full we couldn't hop anywhere else. We could roll though I think lolol.
Pretty pretty cake display!
Close up!
Their rainbow cake is so so so tall and all the 7 colours are so so so pretty! They have red velvet cake as well, and rainbow crepe!!!
Artsy or not? Lol!
Whenever I take any photos of him the first thing he will say is "很肥lor!!" LOL.
My signature Charcoal-grilled Juicy Beef Burger.
I love the bun and the fries, but the beef patty was abit too dry for my liking.
  Then when we were done with our dinner the waiter asked if we could move to the corner seats for two so that we could free out our current table for four. I enthusiastically said yes, because I had been dying to take a close-up photo(okay, photos actually) of the pretty counter!! Just look at that tiny bicycle! They have a real one just beside the cake display!
 Water is self service!
Bright flowers!
And their famous rainbow crepe!!
We came specially for this. It's common to see rainbow cake out there, in fact everywhere, but it's seldom that we get to see rainbow crepes! Taste wasn't spectacular though, I still prefer Lady M! :)
We were walking around the area and came upon Working Title Café. So we settled down for a drink since it was still early. Actually it was because they carry a large range of beers, and I wanted to try them. I'm not an alcoholic of course, but I'm a fan of beers heehee!
Can you see the display in the middle of the table? They sell ice cream sandwiched in between cookies from Cookies & Co, similar to those sold at Cupplets Café!
They have mains too.
Look at those bottles on the racks!
Hitachino Nest Beer, made in Japan Kiuchi Brewery.
And so many other kinds! They have Brothers Toffee Apple flavor, which is one of my favourites but rarely found elsewhere!
Iced tea of the day.
Thatchers Mixed Fruit. I like this, and those who love sweet beers will love this as well!
 Hitchino Nest Beer Espresso Stout.
We thought it would taste like coffee, but it tasted like... stout and it was extremely bitter we didn't really touch it.
I had a sudden craving for sweet food last Tuesday night, just before I flew to Hong Kong. So I asked the handsome out for late night desserts heehee! I did some research online and Craft Bakery Café was the only café that wasn't too far away from our homes and it closes at 11.00pm.
We had the Chocolate Molten Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream and Matcha Cake.
Chocolatey but it didn't really feel like a lava cake. There was no lava.
  Desserts here were so-so.
We took so many selfies the ice cream started melting lolol.

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