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Korea Day 7-8 (Ajusshi Hotteok & Samgyetang)

We set off to Busan by KTX on Day 7, and had a simple early dinner of ramen and kimchi at the train station.  
The rest of the night was horrible as we had so much trouble finding our accommodation in Busan. We stayed at Sumi Guesthouse and were told to alight at Jungdong station before taking a 5 minutes walk from the subway station. 
When we first took the subway from the KTX train station, we entered by the wrong gate and ended up wasting our ticket. Busan's subway station works in the way such that trains to the two different ends has a different entrance each. It's unlike most subway stations where you can just enter from any entrance and still be able to catch trains on both ends. 
When we reached Jungdong station, it was pouring heavily and hence we went into E-mart to ask for some directions. People in Busan generally are less able to communicate in English but they are very friendly and helpful. The staffs tried their best to figure out the location of Sumi Guesthouse on our printed maps and even made many phone calls to help us. Their efforts were futile though, and we ended up asking a gentleman who was standing outside E-mart. He didn't know the directions but he and his mum were super nice they hailed a taxi for us, sheltered us all the way to the taxi and even carried our luggages into the taxi.
The taxi driver was pretty unhelpful and rude, he couldn't understand us and commented that we were deaf(we could understand abit of Korean), then he lied to us and randomly threw us on some street before driving away!! Luckily for us the people there were so nice they walked around with us to find Aqua Palace(the building for our accommodation), sheltered us from the rain and even called the guesthouse for us. After awhile Pierre came to fetch us thankfully! :D
It was late when we reached the guesthouse and Sumi was waiting for us at the door with towels so sweet! :') She made us hot lemon honey and passed us a pack of biscuits to munch on in our rooms.
The next morning Sumi briefed us on Busan's attractions and their famous food and gave us a map for reference. We decided to visit Nampo-dong street that day. When we passed by the street stalls that were nearby Haeundae Beach, we couldn't resist getting some snacks! They had corndogs which looked so tempting!!
  And fried tempuras.
I had the fishcake. The locals generally will just pick what they want from the huge pot of boiling soup and stand around the stall to eat!
Oden and toppoki with blood sausages at Nampo-Dong.
 Ajusshi hotteok.
This was recommended by Sumi, she mentioned that Ajusshi hotteok was very famous and people from Seoul would come all the way to Busan just to eat this! True enough, the queue was so long that we could instantly spot it from afar!
Spiraling queue.
Hotteok mixture.
Everyone should really try this!!
We can has hotteok too! :D
Hotteok is not hot dog don't be mistaken! It is actually seeds-filled sweet pancake!
Another of Sumi's recommendation, milmyeon and naengmyeon(cold wheat noodles), a dish famous in Busan. Apparently the pig trotters dish is a must-try as well! 
I ended up eating away the pork and egg only since I don't like cold noodles and the portion was very very huge!
 We went back early after shopping for a few hours, in fact extremely early because we bought too many skincare products and cosmetics that we ran out of money lolol. On our way back we passed by this pretty bakery! How I just love the tiny teddy bear cookies!!
Cookies and bread selections.
Banana bought this bag of garlic bread and we ate them while HTHT-ing back in our room. And it was so delicious I kept koping heeehee! :D
Side dishes.  
At night Sumi and Pierre gave us a lift to a nearby samgyetang(Korean ginseng chicken soup) restaurant. I love the kimchi especially!! It was abit different from the usual kimchi, this one was slightly sweet and more spicy!
  Ginseng wine.
Our samgyetang came with a bottle of very strong ginseng wine. You can either drink it alone or pour into your soup for extra kick!
This was superrrr delicious I regretted not eating more of this in Korea! The ajumma was so motherly she added in vermicelli into the soup for us, cut the chicken into smaller parts for us and gestured to us the traditional way of eating the chicken meat! That is why my samgyetang photo doesn't show the chicken in full because I was too paiseh to ask her to let me take a photo of the whole chicken heehee! But it's a photo filled with love okay! :D There was rice stuffed inside the chicken damn delicious and I just loved dipping the chicken meat in salt! Yummms! Plus it's supposedly good for health and the skin. I instantly felt healthier and my skin glowing after eating samgyetang HAHA!  

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