Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Korea Day 8 Part 1 (Haeundae Sand Festival 2014 & A Good Meal @ TGI Fridays)

Very lucky for us, the days when we were in Busan coincided with the Haeundae Sand Festival!! So we left for Haeundae Beach in the late morning to join in the fun! But before that, we grabbed some street food that we wanted to try the previous day, now that we had the tummy space! :D
Corndog drizzled with sugar and ketchup sauce.
Entrance to Haeundae Beach.
Haeundae Beach broke the Guinness Book of Records for having the largest number of parasols in 2008! 
Blue parasols on the other side.
The seats under the parasols are not free. You need to pay to use them!
Tent stalls near the entrance.
Exotic food.
Fire safety education.
 Fun with the sand! Look at the cute kids!
Sands from different beaches all over the world. You can put your hand into the boxes for a feel of the different kinds of sands.
Not bad spending the whole day at the beach actually.
Yellow ribbon.
This year was the Jungle theme.
And they had such awesome and elaborate sculptures made from the sand!!
Love this trademark of Singapore haha!
Leopard on a tree branch.
And the chimpanzee.
Just look at the awesome view!!
Sandcastle competition! It was so heartwarming to see parents building sandcastles with their kids heehee!
View of the Westin Chosun on the right.
 Crowded beach.
Not one of the best beaches around, but good enough I guess.
After few hours of exploring we came to a mall just opposite Haeundae beach for lunch. The steakhouse at the first floor was extremely crowded and so we settled down at TGI Fridays.
Banana's seafood squid ink pasta.
I had the beef burger.
Food was relatively good and it was a nice change from Korean food since I was craving badly for a burger heehee!  
To get to Haeundae Beach, alight at Haeundae Beach stop and cross the traffic light to the other side.


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