Thursday, 4 September 2014

Korea Day 8 Part 2 (Yonggungsa Temple and Jagalchi Fish Market)

After the Haeundae Sand Festival we made our way to Busan's famous Yonggungsa Temple. We were supposed to take the bus to the temple but it took one million years to arrive so we decided to take a taxi instead.
Just in case you want to take the bus, you can take exit 7 from Haeundae station and board bus 181. 
Stretch of stalls selling food, drinks and souvenirs on our way to the temple.
Fruit juice.
My favourite animal!!
Lots and lots of ginsengs.
Pretty fans for souvenirs.
And more colours.
Entrance to Yonggungsa Temple.
It's really worth going for the view itself! I have never seen any sea view so magnificent! People even risk climbing over the rocks to have their photos taken.
Make a wish and toss your coin into the (pots?). I threw all my coins and they flew everywhere but none landed inside lol.
For fertility I think.
More of my favourite animal.
A flight of stairs that leads to a tiny cave below.
Golden Buddha.
I can't get enough of this!
For praying.
And off we go to Jagalchi Fish Market for seafood again!!
A different variety from Noryangjin Fish Market altogether.
I don't know why but I loved the boiled potatoes in their jackets.
And these are what we got. Different varieties of scallops and abalones. The clams were given to us free by the auntie when we bargained with her. :D
This cost us a bomb I think. But the meat was real sweet. Oh and the egg roe as well. I thought it looked disgusting but banana told me to try it and when I did it was surprisingly delicious!!
To get to Jagalchi Fish Market, alight at Jagalchi Station, Exit 10, turn right onto Jagalchi 3(sam)-gil Street, then turn left when you see Jagalchi Market.
It was near midnight when we decided to go to a jimjilbang. I read online that there was a jimjilbang close to where we were staying known as Haeundae Spa. But we got ourselves lost and asked around but nobody seemed to know where it was. Lucky for us there was an old couple who knew about its existence and led us halfway. We then realized the locals know it as Haeundae Oncheon, so next time if you decide to ask for directions to Haeundae Spa you know what to tell them!
Then when we reached the jimjilbang finally Pierre called me and asked where we were, because Sumi was worried that we were not back yet. That was really nice of them I mean who cares about your safety when you are overseas, especially when you are nobody to them! :')
Anyway, the long walk and search was justifiable though. It was indeed an experience walking around naked like nobody's business, soaking ourselves in the freaking hot water, eating eggs and drinking the sweet rice drink! It was pleasantly relaxing and we so so so love the rice drink especially!! Inside the jimjilbang there was this sleeping area where everyone just lay their blankets on the floor and sleep like this for the night so if you want to get to the shop you have to tread carefully in between spaces. I was so afraid I would accidentally step on someone and wake the person up!
Then we secretly captured a happy selfie of us in the dark when everyone was sleeping heehee, so pardon me for the noisy photo!

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