Monday, 8 September 2014

Korea Day 9-11 (Seoul Grand Park Rose Festival 2014)

The last day of our Korea trip we went back to Seoul, this time our accommodation was at Bukchon. Hi Guesthouse was fabulous but we wanted to experience a night's stay in a Hanok!  
Wheeling our luggages along this stretch of road was not easy. There was an extremely uphill slope at the end.
Took a photo of this structure because I thought it looked quite pretty. Never did I expect this place to be where we would be staying. -_-
We walked like mad but couldn't find our guesthouse. So I left banana to look after the luggage while I went around to ask for directions from the locals. The old people didn't quite understand me and I was getting demoralized because I asked a couple more people but they didn't know the directions either.
Fortunately there was this very helpful student from a nearby university and he was doing volunteer work as a tour guide for some locals around the area. He didn't know the location of the guesthouse, but took the trouble to help me search for it on his phone and even walked me there. Although we realized after awhile that we walked a whole big circle(he was very apologetic about it), I was really grateful to him. I don't think I could have found the place if not for him. That's how helpful and friendly most Koreans are!! :')
After reaching Doo Guesthouse, the staff told me that our accommodation was down the hill at another building though. Sigh. So I went up to get banana and we went down together.
 Our room from the outside.
There was a shared kitchen right next to our room, with basic necessities like bread toaster, kettle, hot and cold water dispenser, utensils and simple food like bread and peanut butter.
Café down the road.
After that we split up because we needed to get things from different places.
Saw this nearby our guesthouse and thought it looked pretty interesting! Grilled chicken on a van?!
Grabbed a late lunch at the porridge shop nearby. I think it was another Bonjuk branch.
This was supposedly the end of our Korea trip because we were to head over to Shanghai the next day before we flew back to Singapore. But Banana realized her passport was missing few hours before we made our way to the airport!! Imagine our horror. Foreign land, foreign language, first time we experienced losing a passport, few hours before the plane was taking off and most importantly, we were all on our own. 
For this I really have to give the guesthouse special thanks because they went all the way to help us. The staff there sat with us for the entire hour, using his phone to help us contact the airline to delay our flight, advised us on reporting to the local police and going down to the Singapore Embassy in Korea. He even took the initiative to slot us in for another 2 nights of accommodation so we wouldn't have to look for another place. And the owner was nice enough to allow us to make an overseas call even though we weren't sure if there was going to be extra charges. The other female staff was afraid we wouldn't be able to communicate with the Korean police so she wrote a letter in Hangul on our behalf, describing our situation, and told us to cheer up and make full use of our time in Korea meanwhile. These were strangers to us but they helped us and encouraged us when we needed it the most, super super touched!! :')
 It was a weekend that day and we could only go to the police station, but not the embassy as it was closed. Then we saw these Ppopgi(old fashioned sugar candy) being sold on the street and bought them to console ourselves.
We are supposed to bite the sides off and keep the shape in the middle intact but both of us failed. Badly. Then we laughed at each other hahaha!
I bought this! Made up of different kinds of sausages and cheese with topokki in the middle. Very good, probably because I was starving.
Went to a random café for some rather good Yuzu Tea.
This busker on the street was damn cute!! He saw me taking a photo of him and posed in a somewhat very cool position LOL. His singing was quite good lei, but it was quite sad nobody took much notice of him.
Banana told me this guy is a very famous comedian. Cute right?
I bought this from the Mama shop inside the subway station. Okay at least I got to drink another few days of this. My new found dose of happiness!! I recently found out that Giant sells them!! Not in this packaging though, but in yellow carton boxes. But I find that drinking from the Korea packaging gives me more feel lol!
And we can eat and drink while taking the subway in Korea! I got so used to it that I almost attempted to bring food up our own MRT after I came back heehee! 
  Ta-dah! Fried chicken from the subway station at Seoul Grand Park. This was very expensive and I got scolded by Banana because I didn't remind her that we were paupers then and cannot buy so atas fried chicken lolol. I don't get it though. This was from the subway station and supposed to taste mediocre. Or so I thought. But it tasted really really good!! Korea is really the country for delicious fried chicken!
I was looking forward to the evening that day because we were going to Seoul Grand Park for the Rose Festival!!
Sitting by the park eating Oden.
The roadside stalls were selling these! Right side was some shell fish that I have eaten before but left side looked like the cocoon of some insects that I will never touch.
I just googled and these are known as Beondegi, the outer casings of Silkworms and a good source of nutrients. I eat everything but I will say no to these. :D
Cute kiddy dragging his balloon.
Couple attire with a cute kid! This photo says happy family~~
I shall let the photos do the speaking now. The Rose Garden was so fascinating my heart was all full of bliss and thanks that I was able to see it.

The girl is real. I thought her outfit fully blended in with the theme that day heehee!
We contemplated to steal his balloon away. Because he wasn't supposed to move no matter what.

Magic show!
 Lovely night and a beautiful world. :)


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