Thursday, 11 September 2014

Wedding Solemnization at Fullerton Hotel

Last Saturday was the second sister's wedding solemnization!
Selfies throughout the car ride heehee!
Held at the Fullerton Hotel.
The suite had such an awesome view!!
And an awesome Nespresso Machine with capsules!! I don't take coffee but the dad and sister liked it a lot!
Fruit assortment.
The toilet was so huge I think it was about the size of my room lolol.
Bathtub and shower area.
The bed was damn comfy but it was joined using 2 single beds.
Love my maxi skirt!!
Fullerton bears.
View from the balcony outside.
He enthusiastically asked me to take a photo for him hahaha!
My turn yay!
What's this?
Oh it's a feather pen. I like.
Pretty ain't it?
We started pinching on these nuts outside and for a moment we wondered if it was the neighbour's.
Ceremony started at around 5pm!
Saying their vows. The old gentleman was so soft spoken I was trying so hard to listen to what he was saying!
Rings exchange.
Heehee so sweet!
Officially married!
 Making full use of the props!

Sweetness overload~
Looking cute~
Siblings for life.
One with the mum.
Dinner at Fullerton's Chinese restaurant, Jade.
We had the A La Carte Dinner Buffet.
 Wasabi Prawns for appetizer.
Peking duck! This was so yums!!
Cod fish with black beans.
Roasted pork with mustard.
Seriously this duck is good stuff.
They have dim sum too. This was the Siew Mai with abalone on top.
Sweet and sour seafood soup.
 Soup of the day was Herbal Soup. The bowl looks like some ancient vet lol.
 Coffee pork ribs.
Spinach tofu.
Coconut ice cream with strawberries for dessert.
We ordered much more, and every dish was so well done our stomachs were near to exploding that night heehee!
Yan dao hahaha!
This shot was really well taken, credits to the sister!!
Mei nu staring into space.
Ending off with a selfie with the Dior girls! My 2-days job is finally over today, time to rest those tired feet! :)




  1. Hi,
    Thank you for your blogpost (: it's a lovely solemnisation for your Sister (: just wondering if your Sister bought a solemnisation package from Fullerton or she just booked a suite?
    Thank you! (:

  2. You looked gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.