Friday, 3 October 2014

2 Days With People I Love

Monday was probably one of the days which our clique was looking forward to, because the sun started rising from the East and.. Vic agreed to let us visit his house!!! This was the first time ever in like 8 years since we've known him hahaha! So even though I only had a few hours to spare I chiong-ed to his house after a job interview in the morning! #diealsomustgo  
His mum was damn nice, she cooked lunch for us and boiled green bean soup(my favourite!) even! The chiffon cake is also handmade by her and I was so tempted to ask her to teach me!! Because my cake baking skills are horrendous, especially when it comes to making sponge cakes.   
Surprisingly Vic's house is very suitable for taking photos. Look at the fabulous lighting hahaha!
After that I made my way to Vivo to meet Jay, and we had an impromptu picnic at Sentosa on the beach. It was really a breath of fresh air, sitting by the sea munching on nuggets and chips while feeling the cool breeze. So relaxing I will totally try that again one day!! :D
We left at around 11pm, and it was very convenient for me that night because my home for that night was at Costa Sands Resort hahaha! We had a clique chalet with nearly full attendance(with the exception of huhu)and we all agreed to keep awake till the next morning to chit chat and play card games. And guess who was the first one to fall asleep as usual? Me hahaha! I was sleep deprived for so many days I naturally dozed off after stealing thumb's bed. But not before munching on chips on the upper deck and dropping pieces on Vic who was on the lower deck LOL. He was super disgusted and I highly suspect he didn't know it was me. He probably thought some weird stuffs dropped down from the ceiling.
By the way I slept a total of at least 7 hours, in between I woke up to amchio a little as I heard Vic spouting lots of rubbish. When I finally woke up at 8am all of them were like "You finally woke up!! You come here to sleep one is it?!" LOL.
 The next day I had an impromptu lunch with Clem because I was nearby at Chinatown for an interview. This was at some seafood restaurant by the river at Raffles Place. I had the seafood fried rice which portion was so huge I seriously don't think 2 days of the rice I eat can add up to one plate of this.
Took this photo when I was helping him to shoot a farewell video for his colleague hahaha!
Fast forward to the same night, where I met the money sucking temps(& Clem again) for Ah Kok's belated birthday celebration! This was a snapchat to Ah Kok to remind him that we were waiting for him to join us hahaha!
Bluemist at Tanjong Pagar, recommended by Clem.
 The main courses were mostly below 20 bucks, and portions were huggeee!
Clem recommended the Fish & Chips, and after ordering Latin was asking how come he didn't order Fish & Chips as well. Clem then revealed that he always feel nauseous after eating the huge portion of Fish & Chips plus alcohol. Latin then thanked him sincerely, for telling him only after he had ordered LOL!
 We had half a dozen of ciders, all different flavours and colours.
The ciders were all so pretty we lined them up and started snapping photos to insta!
Group selfie taken with my lousy Note 3 camera.
 Happy belated birthday Ah Kok!!

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