Saturday, 25 October 2014

Today was well spent eating and drinking non stop with Jacjac.
Selfie of the day. #swag 
We decided to meet for dinner at Tanjong Pagar because I was craving for Japanese food. Seeing all the instagram posts on Hanare Japanese Cafe's Bara Chirashi set made me even more tempted to try it out. 
Bara Chirashi with 4 sides(Some stew, salad, edamame & salmon) + miso soup. 
It was really value for money. The sashimi slices were thick and overflowing. We kept eating and eating but there were still alot left in our bowl. I'm very puzzled hahaha!
We had cakes at Cake Spade before dinner. Since Hanare only opens at 6.30pm and we had one whole hour to spare, we decided to chill at Cake Spade first. This was my third time at Cake Spade for the month and I must say their cakes are really fantastic. We had the Strawberry Tofu Cheesecake and Red Velvet this time. I know, fat die me. 
At last we went to Five Tapas Bar to chill. Ended up getting a bucket of Hoegaarden. We left at 12 to catch the train but I was so busy instagramming that I missed my station. So I had to cab back from Pionoor. I'm such a klutz seriously LOL. 

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